Friday, February 27, 2009

Nasi Kerabu : Part 1 - Blue Rice

Lent is the pre-Resurrection period in which many Christians will fast and pray. They also try to abstain from eating of meat if possible. Our cell group had a gourmet journey this week as we ventured into something blue and something that is not meaty.

Here's the story:

I am sure you have had blue cheese and Blue Curacao in your cocktails. You might even have had some blue Kueh Tai Tai in K.L. But blue rice?

What is your opinion of blue food? And blue colouring?

My Cell group has three homes to choose from to meet on Fridays. We are a small but interesting group and we enjoy all the different aspects of Cell Group meeting but especially take delight in providing of supper as some of the ladies are still single and are in need of good home cooked food.

Tonight besides my own humble cooking of four dishes I was truly over the moon when J brought her mother's preparation. Although I have eaten lots of Nasi Kerabu in West Malaysia I must say Mrs. F's is wonderful.

Nasi Karabu is native to Kelantan and Teranganu where fish is a staple. So this is indeed a good dish to prepare during Lent. I hope I can make it soon.

Nicely fried tenggiri.

This is the salad that goes well with the rice.

This is the fragrant kerisik or fried shredded coconut to give a special nutty taste to the rice.

This is the finely sliced cucumber which brings coolness in your diet.

This is the chili sauce for those who like very spicy nasi karabu.

This is the blue rice.

This plate shows the salted egg and deep fried fish which is part of the Nasi Karabu

The blue colouring is natural and is from the blue pea which is commonly found in homes and even road sides.

Blue peas or blue clitorea (

Jennifer promised to give me some young plants of blue peas to grow....So if you see lots of blue flowers in Luak I am responsible for spreading it!! Won't it be a wonderful thought?

Post Script:

As I did not intend to take photos of my buah kundur soup cooked longhouse style and fresh Jerudong Brunei tuna in red curry and special rice bought in Lachau this posting is purely on a fish meal which is very relevant to Lent. Perhaps my supper is another story in the making...stay tuned.)

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