Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wisdom gleaned from the History of Methodist School Sibu

My beloved School, the Methodist Secondary School began as early as 1903 as "the first Methodist Boys' School in Sarawak, when it opened its doors in Sungei Merah.

Eight years later Mrs. James M. Hoover started the Uk Ing Girls' School in Sbiu. In 1914 a new building was put uf for theschool and a new kindergarten was started. English classes for boys began in 925 with Mr. J.B. Chong as principal and REv. James Hoover as part-time teacher of English. For a time the school merged with the Chung Hua school on its present site but separated from Chung hua in 1940 after the death of Mr. J.B. Chong. In 1941 Mrs. J.B. Chong and Rev. Gerald Summers opened the Methodist Boys' School on Island Road with 98 pupils. Chinse was also taught in this school.

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