Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Family Reunion

In January 2008, several cousins mooted the idea that we should have a reunion. March, June and December were good months. There were four of them, one in Bintulu, two in Singapore and one in Sibu. Then they roped in one nephew from Miri.

Several emails later, the rules and regulations were settled, fees calculated and the event was 80@ confirmed. One Skype meeting confirmed venue, date, fees and our reunion was a GO event.

Within one month 80 signed up from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong,Singapore, and all over Sarawak.

Venue : RH Hotel, Sibu.
Dates - 29th March - lst April

Transport : 2 Excecutive State of the ARt Buses
Meals @ Dinners : the Best venues in town.
Events : Morning Worship in churhces, 10 tombs to be visited, Get to know each other informal, and a sit down reunion dinner.
Free and easy Foochow breakfast.
Free and easy shopping
Rediscovering the love of Pomelos......
Rediscovering each other.
Participants : 5 generations of Tiong Kung Ping's children,grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren, great,great,great grandchildren.
Memories " Remembering 1901 to 2008, Sibu and Beyond......Celebrating the Legacy of Tiong Kung Ping"

Until we meet again in 3 years time....good memories...and a 2008 family to be treasured photo.

The Reunion Committee (Vivien, Irene, Lenita, Wendy, Keith , Peter, Michelle,etc did a wonderful job!! thanks.)

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