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Bridge Over Lembangan River on the Igan Side


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This is the other end and less famous part of the Lembangan River which separated the Island of Sibu from the mainland. The Lembangan River used to be deep and wide, big enough for the Chinese junks to sail through in the 1900's. On the western side of the island of Sibu is the famous 360 mile-long, Rejang River which is now getting shallower by the day. The other end of this Lembangan River is what we now call Pulau Babi,a much written part and famous and also infamous for various social and economic activities.

When I was young I used to buy pineapples and bananas sold by the fishermen and farmers who came by their beautiful boats here as I lived just a stone throw away. In the evenings these boat men would park their boats in this river and sold their goods on the bridge. The small kerosene lights inside the boats at night gave us the shivers. We told each other ghost stories as we cycled home with our pineapples and bananas. The road is still called Bridge Road.

On the left of the photo were Malay houses of Kampong Datu, some of them belonging to my school mates like Onn SuutAbang Ibrahim, Yusuf Ibrahim and Hasnah Salleh. Now these houses are all gone because of urban development and the Malay Kampong has moved to Kampong Nangka. My friends have left town too for positions in other parts of Malaysia.

The landmark building along Kampong Datu Road is the Paramount Hotel.

In the distance you can see the Sanyan Building and the huge open park and RH Hotel.

Sibu has changed a lot and has a total image makeover. Sometimes I think it is a place in China.

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Unknown said...

Do take lots of photos of very traditional Malay houses near the paramount hotel. that too will be gone in the name of development in due course. Those houses must have been from the Rajah era and done with fine craftmenship.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Hi again. Welcome back!!

I was in Sibu over the Mederka Weekend and took the opportunity to walk down memory lane with one ex Sacred Heart Student. We had the famous fish (tapah) hoon ngan in one of the coffee shops near where I took this photo....

Sibu has so many wonderful memories!!

Thanks for your encouragement. I do remember the old fine wood craftsmanship. Will do so in future and if I have the opportunity.

Unknown said...

hve been very busy lately and was or is away for long period. Yes, Sibu brought back many fond memories. That's my home town and where I grew up! Wish I can be back but.....too busy now.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Dear Gaharuman

Don't worry if you are too busy. Sometimes take time off just to look at old photos,and rearrange your memories of the past.

It is always very healthy to be 20/20 ie work for 20 minutes and rub your eyes or stretch your legs a little for 20 secs.

Life is worth living if you live it to the fullest.


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