Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Yellow Chicken Curry

I am showing you the stages of cooking Yellow Chicken Curry.

Fry the aromatics and then add the curry paste. You must stir fry the paste until the oil separates from the paste. This will give the curry you cook the important fragrance and staying power. A lot of cooks do not stir fry their rempah adequately and perhaps this is the reason why their curry goes off very quickly.

You can always add more lemon grass and a little tamarind if you like your curry to be more tangy. Don't forget I am doing a Foochow curry here.

Add the onion wedges and stir fry until they are soft. After that add the marinated chicken pieces. Finally add the browned potatoes.

When you add the coconut milk you will get a nice yellowish soup. Some oil will come to the surface at this time. However let the soup boil for about 10 minutes and then you can skim off the fat if you do not like it. You can then add the long beans towards the last five minutes of your cooking to keep the beans green and crunchy.

This is my yellow curry a recipe probably created in the 1950's. The most important ingredient is the big onions. We were trained by Goo Poh and my mother to value onions in our food from this recipe.

Curry when it is fresh should be eaten slowly and with lots of friends and family.
The sweetness of this curry comes from the big onions.

Here is a bowl of my curry with glutionous rice or lemang the following afternoon.

Hope you like the curry when you cook it. The taste will always improve if you use more salt and sugar...The yellow curry is sweet and has a nice tumeric flavour. It does not have the spiciness of chilli and other spices like fennel - cumin- candlenut -cinnamon- star anise seed - cardamon.


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Bengbeng said...

i will try this recipe. mayb with some improvisations but i will try it

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Thanks for visiting. Sure try it. You must remember Foochow cooking uses very few ingredients. e.g. only. The onions and long beans are the vegetables to be added together with the potatoes.

We also cook kangkong using only garlic. Changkok manis goes with ginger....

Do improvise. Be creative. The taste is yours to discover and experiment further.


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