Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sibu Five Foot Way under Water

This is a photo by Wong Meng Lei of a five foot way in Sibu.

Sir Stamford Raffles would have flipped!!

According to the urban planners of the late 19th Century five foot ways were constructed to such a height that no flood water could reach it. But today the beliefs can no longer be held true.

It was propounded at that time that urban planning was deliberated and calculated to the miniscule figures until there was no possibility of flood entering the shops in Singapore or the then Malaya.

Singapore drains were built deep and sufficient to carry away rain water from an afternoon downpour or a week's heavy rain.

Flash flood was not known for decades in Singapore.

Today in Sibu five foot ways - a colonial idea we borrowed from Singapore - can be submerged by flood. Town drains can no longer take the rain away from the concrete jungle. Five foot ways were our refuge from daily deluge. They protected us from flood water. And they protected us from the sun.

It is a sad day to see this scene!!!!!!!

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