Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ear Biscuits today and yesteryears

Hunting for the illusive hat or ear biscuit in KL is not easy unless we have local knowledge about local biscuits.

And to find this delectable biscuit in Sarawak isn't easy either.

This is to say either the biscuit is out of favour or no factory is making it now for the local market in Sarawak.

This was indeed a very popular biscuit a few decades ago in Sibu. Most mothers knew how to make them from scratch. And on top of that we could buy them in little packets in the sundry shops or even in the little stalls set up along the five foot way. They were often packed in small packets of five for the price of 10 cents. School children would bring them to school to munch and mess up their desks. Or if by accident they dropped the biscuits on the floor they would be scolded by their teacheres. These biscuits were very easy to carry and easy to eat. With very little choice then no one actually called them poor man's food.

They were crunchy and tasty as probably a lot of ajinomoto or Vitsin was used in its making. But nevertheless we loved to eat them. Perhaps they were the forerunners of today's crunchies and munchies which are not exactly healthy.

Sometimes we called them "bra biscuits" too.

A search on the net reaped two pictures.

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I also discovered that some of my friends still remember them and still like them. According to one of my friends she still can buy from some shops in West Malaysia. But many Sarawakians have forgotten about this biscuit.

I am wondering if some shops in Pandungan Road in Kuching still make them.

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fufu said...

hahhaa... yeah we can get this biscuit in the west... my sister just bought it last mth from the wet market... =p

I Am Sarawakiana said...

I am sure you find it as good as the ones in yesteryears!!
Happy eating.

Anonymous said...

Memories are almost always sweeter than reality. So today's "bra" biscuits somehow don't match the magical taste of yesteryear. I get them from a shop in SEA Park (Petaling Jaya) whenever I'm back for a visit. The shop specializes in Penang 'heong pneah', 'tambun' biscuits, durian cakes etc. Can't remember the name of the shop - my sister drives me there each time. My memories of those biscuits are better than what they sell today. I wish I'd kept the memories instead of erasing them with today's version.

But thanks for rekindling them.

peacemaker88 said...

When all of us were young our mum would pack the ear biscuits which she made and some very homemade doughnuts for us to bring to school. I exchanged my biscuits and doughnuts with friend's biscuits. It was fun. No one rugi.

Unknown said...

If you did not write about it many of my family members would have forgotten about these delicious biscuits. They were lots in the old days every where in fact!!
We asked our sister in KL to buy for us yesterday!!
So thanks for the memories.

Ah Ngao said...

yes,you can buy them at Padungan road in a few confectionary shops selling assortments.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Dear Ngaochai
Nice of you to visit.
Thanks for your tip. Padungan is one of my favourite roads in my life!
I love Petaling Street and Tunku Abdul Rahman Road in KL.
I love Market Road in Sibu.
These are roads with great character and history!! You see three or four generations of the same family holding on to their businesses and making the place throb with meaningful life!
When next I come to Kuching I will buy the ear biscuits.
There is an old man who speaks very colonial English and he sells biscuits too. He will throw in a few stories.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Dear Adiryas
Thanks for writing.
Yes I agree Memories are always sweeter than reality and I can sit for hours reminiscing. Or talking to elders about the past...laughing.
The food of the past seems to be magical as you said.
I will try to go to SEA Park when I next visit KL>

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Dear Ngoh
Thanks for visiting.
Yes Miri should start selling some ear biscuits if so many of us are interested.
Some how I think the tastes of Mirians are too complicated.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Thanks for sharing your memories with us!
Do tell us more.
You are most welcome.

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