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Khairuddin Naim said...

An Open Letter to All MCA Delegates

Ong Tee Keat as President, MCA will Die .

Ong Tee Keet was elected as president on 18 October, 2008 but he has done nothing and party is going down the drain fast. The PFKZ issue is just a show to make him look like hero in the eyes of Chinese community to cover up him and his cronies from stealing party assets and cash. But chua soi lek also not a good alternative because of his sex scandal and will tarnish the image of the party further as a president. So, MCA delagates – the future of MCA is in your hands. Here is a 10- part series to give you information to save the party from Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek.

1. Party HQ – 马华大厦的装修 - revonavation costing party a lot of money. Why? Did you know that during Tun Ling and Ong Ka Ting’s time, he would not enter the building by the front door because he is afraid of being “pantang by their feng shui”. So he gets his driver to go down to basement and he would come up through the car park lifts. He did this for years so now that he is president he wants to change the feng sui of the party and HQ. Please look at his hand and the number of colourful crystal beads he wears. He consults many sifus. One sifu told him the council chamber on the 9th was no good so he did the renovation and it cost the party RM800,000. Then another sifu tld him that the renovated council chamber was also not good. So he renovated the 6th floor to become a second council chamber which cost the party another RM550,000. He also changed the front door, the lobby and other floors were also renovated. He dismantled the internal set of stairs connecting 7th, 8th and 9th floor as well.. The entire renovation work done cost RM2 million. He also wanted to change the way HQ is being managed by replacing our loyal staff with outside people who do not know anything about the party. They are also not members of the party even. These outside people tell our staff what to write and what not to write. How can? 撤换原先的员工,换了一笔不了解党务的员工,还要由他们来叫老党员怎么做事?

2. 马华内部开会时间不离风水?Do you know what is happening inside CC and PC meetings OTK is first concern is about feng shui. His second concern is his life as minister of transport. He flies here and there using government money and so, he has no time to hold PC and CC meetings. Remember, he was elected party president on Oct 18, 2008 but the first PC and CC meetings only took place more than a month later. This is because he was badly criticized that he finally held his first PC meeting on Jan 2, 2009 and the first CC meeting on the Nov 11 2008. Now, only after one year, he only hold 6 PC and 5 CC meetings. Last time, Ong Ka Ting’s years, PC meetings were every Tuesday and sure everybody must come so that can talk about issues to prepare for cabinet meeting on weds. In case party decision is needed. And CC meetings held regularly every month and only once in a while that meetings is ever changed. But for OTK, meetings change all the time until we all “kalang kabut” go here and there because he also like to change place last minute.

Khairuddin Naim said...

Khairuddin Naim said...
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Khairuddin Naim said...
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I Am Sarawakiana said...
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Nosce Te said...

Dear Sarawakiana

Will you still use this address or your new one? I need to update my bookmark. Thanks.


I Am Sarawakiana said...

Langkau Fiction
I will still use this...but all new postings will be on Sarawakianaii


Pedro Garcia Millan said...


La estafa automotriz mas grande en el territorio Mexicano…

Para MAS informacion pinche:


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