Monday, March 31, 2008

Graduation Photo

My aunt graduated from Missouri University in 1958 with a Master's degree in pyschology.

We were too young to know what she studied, how she studied and what kind of student life she had in the States.

But we remembered that she introduced Scotch eggs, tomato soup, mashed potatoes and steaks to our meals. We were delighted with the new kinds of food.

We also learned from her not to speak with a wide open mouth. And we also learned that we had to be articulate and slow in pronunciating the English and Foochow words.
We must not slur.

aunt Grace did not stay long in Sibu because she wanted to have Grandpa's permission to work in the US. There was no place then for her because of her educational level. She was made Dean of the Methodist Secondary School and perhaps the post was too elevated. Many people advised her to go away for further studies.

It was very much later in life, that I learned from my older aunts that Aunt Grace is one of the most intelligent girls Yuk Ying Girls' School ever knew and she was a pet of many teachers.

She was a model student.

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AlisonBuda said...

Where is your aunt Grace now? She is impressive.

sarawakiana said...

She is in her 70's now. Very frail and in Saskatoon, Saskachewan, Canada. Very learned. We miss her.

Ann said...

Way to go, a girl from Sibu.


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