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Sibu Scouts at Tenth World Jamboree 1959

1959 was an outstanding year for Sibu Scouts. My cousin, the late Robert Lau King Ching was one of the 8 delegates to attend the Tenth World Jamboree in Manila, Philippines. Mr. David U Duang Ung, former Methodist School teacher,and Arbie Zainuddin, a friend too, who later went to study in Tanjong Lobang School, were the other two from Sibu.

Arbie Zainuddin wrote a very good report on his experiences and as a result, when I was a Girl Guide in the school, I got to read the report and kept it until now.

Arbie wrote:

The Scout world jamboree is usually held every fourth year,though wars and other compelling causes may break the sequence. The purpose is not only to bring the scouts of various countries in the world together for the opportunity of meeting their brother scouts and exchanging their experiences, but also to demonstrate the art of unity and loyalty.....

The site of the 10th World Jamboree , the first ever held in South East Asia,was along the braod slope of Mt. Mahiling which is about 1000 fet above sea level and overlooking Iguna de Bay. It is a well known tourist attraction.

This is the scond time Sarawak sent her scouts to take part in a world jamboree. The first jamboree attended by Sarawak scouts was in the UK.

On 15th of July we took the Cathay Pacific Airways from Labuan and as the weather was pretty bad, all of us were air sick!!

We landed at Manila and were quite fine after the rousing welcome.

We learned the word, "Mabuhay" which means welcome in Tagalog.

....we were placed with host families before the opening of the Jamboree. They were kind to us and took us sight seeing in their cars....

....The Jamboree site was divided into seven sub-camps. The Sarawak contigent was in the Eastern Mindanao sub camp. We had several bathrooms, one ration headquarters and several shops selling refreshments. We were told to keep our own stuff safe and secure . The opening ceremony was on the 18th July.

....we had to cook our own meals and we took turns to do all the routine chores.

....Performances were held to entertain visitors and important people. So time passed very quickly.

....we were invited to dinners by other contingents.

....we experienced bad weather throughout the ten days but we made many friends.

On the 20th of July we left Manila and we brought back to Sarawak many happy memories.


Arbie continued to be a big brother to many of us junior Guides when we were at the Methodist School.

My cousin , the late Robert Lau King Ching became a Queen's Scout. There were very few of them who reached that level. So it was indeed a great honour for Sibu. And I also remember that Mr. U continued to help Sibu develop the Scout Movement for a long long time. He was definitely a very dedicated Scout Master.

As Sibu develops into a huge town, the little efforts of the Scouts and Guides are no longer big as before. But to me, they are still important and very significant efforts which help shape our character: Be Prepared. Lend a Hand.

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AlisonBuda said...

Methodist Secondary School's Boy Scout and Girl Guide are the First Sibu Company. The Second Scout Company is from Sacred Heart Secondary School while St. Elizabeth's School has the Second Guide Company.

sarawakiana said...

Dear Alison,

It is amazing how much you know what I know. you probably know more too. I was in the First Sibu Company, the White Rose Patrol and my Captain was Mrs.Temple. She was assisted by several Asst. Captains, Miss Imlong, Miss Chew, Miss Chiu Ik Sing and Miss Sylvia and I took over when she left.

I would like to share with you the information that most of the Girl Guides are very successful in their own right.


Pinoy Collector said...

There was 50 years anniversary of 10th World Jamboree reunion held in Makiling, Philippines on Dec 2009. Visit this site:

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks. Will do.


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