Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Late Monica Wong Tiong

My thoughts for today are for my cousin Monica.

This morning I received news of your passing. You have managed to live a remarkable life way into your seventies.

I will always remember you as a good addition to our very large extended family. Your gentle ways will be treasured.

We used to laugh together exchanging news like too happy girls together in Sibu, both of us switching from Hokkien to English and then back again to Hokkien. You always had good advice on food and general things like a good older sister would do.

I had liked your sarong kebaya,tight skirts and of course the bee hive hairstyle when it was in. Of course so many women admired your beauty and your sense of style.

As a bank officer you dressed well and was every inch a professional. Years later when I started to teach English as a Spoken language to some very weak students I realise how your gentle ways have taught me to be sensitive to other people's needs. As teachers we just cannot raise our voices when we felt desperate in our teaching. A soft gentle voice can detonate anger in a learner and helps him on to another step of learning.

And you had always been a great support to the other members of the huge family you married into while you and Cousin John had a brood of three children to look after. Thank you.

Your presence ,in your beautiful sarong kebaya,at our recent reunion was pleasant and memorable.

We appreciate that and more. We will definitely miss you."

p/s. I have kept your engagement photo all these years. This morning I managed to digitalise it,although it is a little faded with time.

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cupid113 said...

CY ... so sorry to hear the sad news of your cousin. Do accept my condolences. I know how it feels to loose your loved ones.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

thanks so much.


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