Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Striped Material for Foochow Men's Pajamas



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Foochow men are very fond of wearing cotton pajamas. They will get into them as soon as they can when they arrive home according to a friend of mine. And it is also a "must pack" item when they go travelling. One guy I know cannot sleep if he does not wear them.

The most popular material for their pajamas is this striped material which is still available in most textile shops in Sibu! This kind of material has been around for more than 50 years!! Most of these cotton pajamas are home made so they have special meaning to the men wearing them.

Some how in the evenings I just can sense that I will see a Foochow man wearing his pajama bottoms in his garden. And sure enough I will pass by a house and catch a glimpse of a man wearing a striped pajamas bottom. My kids used to shout..."here we go...another one....and another one there...." it is just such a happy nostalgic scenario.

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cupid113 said...


I remember this as my dad and brothers were wearing the striped PJs. By the way, where do you get all those old photos that appeared on your blog? What happend to the old fashion way of making the 'pork'stew filling kom pian? I remember buying them beside Lido cinema (hope I got the name of the cinema right!)when going to methodist primary school.

cupid113 said...

oops sarawakiana .... before i forget, do I by any chance know you? As you mentioned my 2 older sisters names -Ida and Saroha on Methodist Sec School!! You won't be by any chance Daulat's classmate?

I Am Sarawakiana said...


What a small world. Yes I was in Daulat's class.

I can give you the pork stew recipe for it on my blog soon.

I remember those delicious kompia beside Lido cinema.

Be in touch...

Lyndon said...


I remember this. Growing up my grandmother used to make them for me. Many hardly wear pyjamas now. Can this still be seen in Sibu? May be worth a visit for nostalgia!


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