Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pot Stickers and Bonding

Every year when I was young I would spend Christmas with Grandpa or Ah Goong because I would enjoy the Christmas tree and the carolling. Some how the carolling in Sungei Merah was more effective than any other places as far as I can remember. The late Rev Ho Siew Liong had a strong Heng Hua accent (which I really love) and a huge voice for singing.

Of course there were lots of food to pick when we visited each house. But I remember the rambutans and the fresh prawn fritters offered by two homes. They were so memorable.

These days with the huge Christmas procession in the towns of Sarawak carolling from home to home seem to be no longer in fashion. So I am in favour of entertaining small groups of my son's friends in the house - first we got the Christmas tree up with all the trimmings and then we did a pot sticker dinner.

This is the after dinner photo - happiness is making pot stickers from scratch!!

Holidys these days also means children coming to the house for some activities. This is better than having them "lepak" or hang out in Malls.

In the past I used to cook up a handsome dinner when they sort of "We come We Eat and We Go".

So I have decided that each visit should be more than just that. I would ask them how much time they have on their hands and they would usually say plenty of time and even time for a DVD!! That really suits me fine.

Indeed one of my styles of entertaining my friends(cell group) or my children's friends would be a DIY like making your own pot stickers or making some wrapped up food in the last few years.

Pot Luck or Pot Bless has always been on the normal list of course.

Making the wrapper from scratch - at the rolling pin stage. This is a good rolling pin with good handles and the pin rolls well.

One of the pot stickers coming up quite prettily. Different people have different styles of making them. This is but one of the styles - more of the Japanese Gyoji.

All helping out with the wrapping and we finish the dough and filling in no time.

The pot stickers in the non tick pan friying away.

Somehow making pot stickers together seem to be such a bonding act.

Even the smallest friend can help out and he would be one looking for the "ones he made" when they are cooked.

Furthermore they learn a new skill which they will bring home or back to their university when their holidays end. Some would even say that they will make pot stickers with their family just to try out on their own.

It is also good to sit down and have a good meal with the younger generation. This is the time to make them feel good and say thanks to God for their food good health and good friends.

Making pot stickers and eating them in the cool evening is a great DIY kind of entertainment. To me it is a great stress buster too and the kids all learn to wash dishes and even feed the dogs after the meal.

We ended up feeling too full!! Too full of happiness that is......

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Bible Knowledge said...

No wonder they are called stickers. So how long did you all stick, I mean spent the day together?

sarawakiana said...

Hi Thank you for visiting. We were stuck together for a good six hours

The little boy was cute and he did make more than 10 pot stickers. But he could not eat more than five!! We had garlic and butter prawns and aubergine cooked with eggs and dried prawns and a special family sauce.... Quite a fusion evening which ends with a good youthful DVD while Xavier slept.

Well behaved little children are always welcome! You must try our pot stickers!


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