Monday, September 24, 2007

The Early Wooden Clogs of Sibu - Char Kiat

In fifties and sixties Sibu had two shops which hand-made traditional clogs (wooden sandals) . A block of wood is first cut into small pieces and then saw into the shape of a shoe heel. A piece of colored-soft plastic (leather) was then nailed onto it. The red-color coated clogs with hand drawings were usually bought by coffee shopkeepers and housewives as they were practical to wear.

When the cheap rubber Japanese slippers hit the market in the early sixties, the shops went on the decline. First one shop closed down as the owner quickly realised that he could not make money with so much competition from factory made slippers. He soon started another business.
The second shop which was opposite the Palace Theatre, continued its business as usual.

I bought several pairs from him. My mother also liked wearing these clogs as they were very low maintenance. They could not get wet and soggy and we did not even have to dry them.

Later the second shop even closed down and I believe he went into the bicycle shop business. When his children did not want to continue his business, he eventually sold up everything.

Today wooden clogs can be b ought in Malacca only where they have changed in form and shape and perhaps even purpose.

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