Monday, September 24, 2007

The First Ice Cream Shop in Sibu

I met up with a friend from Sibu recently and asked him if he could remember having his first ever ice cream in Sibu. He remembered vaguely.

But I can remember my first scoop of ice cream. It was in Far East Supermarket which was operated by Mr. Wong Sie Kong. I had a scoop of vanilla ice cream, served on a tall glass with a red cherry on top. And I had a glass of iced water to go with the ice cream. My father took the three of us older children and my mother for a treat. I never had better ice cream after that.

Far East Supermarket was also the sole agent for Magnolia Ice Cream. To this day, Magnolia is still one of the leaders in ice cream and other dairy products. It was class, it was status, it was everything to do with prosperity, happiness and good family life. It also remained deep in my mind how wonderful it was to have a father who could take us out for treats in the evenings. A spin in the car was exhilarating. And a ice cream was the top of the pile for bonding. My father was a good sport.

To this day, I would always remember how important it is for parents to be seen in public enjoying their family life.......

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I Am Sarawakiana said...

Just last week my 80 + old mum accidentally met Mrs. Wong Sie Kong in Everrise Kuching supermarket. It took my mum some minutes to get herself together. Finally she got the courage to move forward to say hello to Mrs. Wong.

Mrs. Wong has not changed at all, the shape of the face is still the same.

And the two old ladies exchanged information only old people can understand. So much has happened. Now all the children are in their forties and fifties. So much was said and yet so much more to be said.

They promised to meet up and exchanged telephone numbers. Touching meeting. Touching hearts. Time is a real test of friendship.


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