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History of Yuk Ing Girls' School, Sibu

In 1913, Rev Hoover started Yuk Ing Girls' School in Sibu. The boys were sent to Bukit Lan, several miles down river where he had started a rice mill, a small mission and a new Anglo Chinese School school. This I heard was because he wanted the mission to help with expansion of rubber land and padi farm in Bukit Lan.

Actually the Anglo Chinese school was first started in 1903 in Sungei Merah and then it was moved to Sibu in 1905 when Rev Hoover acquired a bigger and better piece of land in Island Road.

In 1914, the construction of a new building for the school was started in Sibu. This became the beginning of the Sibu Methodist Primary School. It was at this time, the kindergarten was started. This idea of Methodist Kindergarter mooted then became the cradle of learning for the Foochows. Without this small beginning, Sibu would not have so many educated Foochows. Today, wherever a Methodist Church is started, a kindergarten is part and parcle of its development, and a great social service to the people around the church.

Reverend Hoover himself was the English teacher, while Mrs. Hoover was the Principal of Yu Ing Girls' School. Later the Hoovers were delighted to engage Mr. and Mrs. JB Chong, from Singapore, to come and teach English.

Probably due to the poverty, and the interruption of the First World War, the school was unable to help students graduate until 1935, when finally one batch was qualified to do so.

Grandfather Kung Ping, took the opportunity to send first his sister, Yuk Ging and then later all his daughters to the school. This only shows how much he valued education. Perhaps this was the beginning of how my family members became very academic in nature and remain very dedicated to the various fields of education.

Below is the list of all the graduates from 1935 to 1948. It is quite a list of achievers and pioneers!

First Batch of Junior School,graduated 1935

1. Tiong Yuk Ging(Sister of Tiong Kung Ping)
2. Tiong Lee Sieng(Lily)(eldest daughter of Tiong Kung Ping
3. Kiu Poh Chuo
4. Tiong Ing Ling
5. Wong Pick Chuo
6. Wong Ing Hung
7. Wong Siew Hua

\Second Batch graduated 1936
1. Wong Poh Ming
2. Tiong Nguk Sieng (Phyllis)(Second Daughter of Tiong Kung Ping)
3. Ling Suk Chiew
4. Ho Mee Ging
5. Lu Yu Nyuk

Third Batch graduated 1937
1. Luk Soon Ping
2. Tiong Ai Lang
3. Hii Chung Eng
4. Tiu King Ing
5. Ting Ai Kiew

Fourth Batch graduated 1938

1. Ling Nyuk Lang
2. Wong Pick Kiu
3. Yek Pick Huong
4. Tiong Teck Ming
5. Lau Su Ting
6. Wong Leh Ming
7. Wong Sui Ing
8. Ling Soon Hua
9. Ting Ping Yu
10. Tiong Chuo Sieng (Pearl)(Third Daughter)Mrs. Lau Pang Kwong
11. Kiu Poh Nguk
12. Ting Nuk Kiew
13. Lau Mee Hieng
14. Lau Hung Chong
15. Ling Nguk Hiong
16. Wong Leh Ming

Boys : 1. Ting Lik Kiu
2. Ting Lik How
3. Ling Beng Siew


1. Lu Kie Kee Third daughter-in-law of Tiong Kung Ping
2. Tiong Ging Sieng (Grace)(Fifth Daughter)
3. Tiong Ngiin Sieng
(fourth Daughter)
4. Ngu King Ing
5. Ngu King Ling
6. Ling How Ging
7. Ling Soon Hiong
8. Tiong Ing Lang

1947 (Junior Three)

1. Tiong Pick Lan
2. Luk Su Hua
3. Ling How Yew
4. Wong Siik Ngoh
5. Wong Nguok Chiiong
6. Tiong Pick Yu
7. Yii Nguk Ying
8. Ling Yu Hiong


1. Tiong Chiew Sieng (Seventh Daughter,Mrs. Sia Kia Ming)
2. Tang Nguk Lan
3. Tang Nguk Kui
4. Tiong Mee Ting
5. Sia Heng Yik
6. Wong Teck Ann
7. Sia Kie Ming(Seventh Son-in-law)
8. Yu Kie Mung
9. Tai Sing Chu (famed for The Spring - Kuching)

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I Am Sarawakiana said...

ML - Which one is your mother?

sui tin said...

I think my mother graduated in 1936/37 but she got married in 1937 and my eldest sister was born in 1938. You have one in 1937, Tiong Ai Lang. My mother's name is Ting Ai Liang. Could that be the same peson? I would appreciate if you can check for me as I am currently writing my family history. I am on "My Mother" chapter. My email address is
Thanks in advance.
By the way, I read your blog very often

Ensurai said...

Dear sui ting,

I actually spelt the names using a rough foochow "yin". So the spelling might not be correct. I will try my best to check the name lists using various means.


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