Saturday, July 19, 2008

In Search of Mr. Soon Lee Guan

I have been trying to get in touch with Mr. Soon Lee Guan, a prolific photographer from Sibu. I called his home number in Sibu a few times but perhaps he is no longer using the number or he is travelling.

He is another man who owns two or perhaps even three Rollifex cameras.

Any one interested in black and white photos of Sibu and Sarawak of the 50-70's should try to find him and his albums in Sibu.

I managed to "re-photograph" these two photos from the souvenir booklet which shows his portfolio. This wonderful collectible belongs to a Foochow friend from Marudi,who keeps the book as a precious gift!!

A well known Sibu photographer, Soon Lee Guan, has travelled widely throughout Sarawak. He has special eyes for local colours and culture.

The little I know of Mr. Soon is that he has taken a lot of photos which show the culture of the Ibans, Kayans,kelabits, and Melanaus . He could have a lot of obstacles during his journeys. And I can imagine the dangers he might have met.

Our society should appreciate a courageous and intellectual photographer like Mr. Soon. Today only a few are following his footsteps. On the other hand, many of the scenic landscapes, cultural features and social lifestyle are disappearing.

So his photographs should remain well archived by our museums. And someone should write his biography!

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Daniel Yiek said...

Kuching has a very famous old photographer, Ho Ah Chun (spelling?). His photos have been consolidated in A4 size paperbacks. He passed away last year.

Philip said...

Another great Photographer is Mr. Dennis Lau. Any one knows where is he now?

I Am Sarawakiana said...

If I am not mistaken Ho Ah Choon and WF Wong organised the first Sarawak Photographic Exhibition in Kuching in the 50's. In those days the society was appreciative of photographers who obtained their awards like ARPS (title correction please).

Mr. Dennis Lau may still be in Kuching? Yes, he has been very prolific . His photographs are published in Borneo Bulletin.

Ketam said...

Dennis Lau,how is he now?
Alwayls like to see his photo in the Borneo Bulectin.

Ketam said...

I have found Dennis Lau!

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Thank you Ketam.

We often come across the famous works of Dennis Lau. He has co-authored a few books in fact. He has been in Kuching for many years.

leyasen said...

Mr. Soon Lee Guan just published his 3rd Ablum - Art Portfollo- Collection from 1955 - 2008. Really good. Very kind of him to give me a copy (signed). Well, call him directly to purchase @ RM50/copy - limited print only. His hand phone no. is 013-8176888. His home address is No. 118A, Rejang Park, Sibu.


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