Friday, July 11, 2008

OIl Lamps of Bygone days (Bedroom Lamps)

The fragrance of kerosene filled the air and it was time for children to go to sleep. Sleep was such a wonderful time and luxury. After a hard working day,sleep seemed to be a reward.

Incidentally,the small oil lamp, filled with a little bit of kerosene,has four important parts: the oil container which forms the base of the lamp,the metal part or cap to close the oil container is also the part where the wick is held. The wick is cotton and can be turned up and down by a little screw with a small handle.Extra wicks can always be bought for a few cents. Finally the little glass chimney protects the light from being blown out by wind. Sometimes the lamp has an optional back plate which can be bought for a few cents more. On the back plate you may find a painted picture of a beautiful Chinese lady or a beautiful Chinese scenery.

And in the semi darkness of an oil lamp the fairly cool room and a plank bed with rattan mat and two soft cotton filled pillows, sleep seemed to come easily. Grandmother would come by our rooms with her little oil lamp and commanded us to go sleep as we would have another good day to come. Life was simple and days and nights came and went with lots of happiness and calmness.

Today, sleep does not come easily. Older people suffer from insomnia. Working adults have sleep problems so bad they have to take sleeping pills. Children have sleeping disorders and many parents even seek doctors,bomohs (medicine men),pastors,temple priests,fortune tellers,to solve their sleeping problems. At bed times, modern day children and parents continue to have wars and psychologists have a field day writing about such problems in journals,books,or talking about them even in talk shows with Oprah Winfrey.

I will always treasure Grandma's caring words,"The little lamp will keep you company in the dark. Do not be afraid. Go to sleep."

And all too soon the cockerel would wake us all up to another glorious day.

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Note : I am by no means advertising for Wuhan Hurricane is just to add on to my posting on oil lamps. My grandmother's oil lamps were definitely from China in the 1960's. Nevertheless it is interesting to be able to establish such a connection via the Internet.

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