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Sarawak Centenary Celebrations in Sibu August 8-9,1942

(Adapted from The Methodist Episcopal Church in Borneo 1931-1950 by Sarawak methodist Centenary Celebration Volumes, Chief Editor : Wong Meng Lei, Published by SCAC, The Methodist Church in Malaysia.)

The Sarawak Centenary Celebrations of the Brooke rule were held in Sibu on August 8th - 9th 1942. In connection with the celebration, a committee was set up, and at the same time, they took the opportunity ti raise funds for the British War Effort Fund and the China Relief Fund, under the leadership of the District Officer, Mr. J.C. B. Fisher. They raised more than $45,000.

Funds were raised from football and badminton tournaments prior to the Centenary Celebration. A Land and Water Sports and a Regatta were also organised. School students keenly competed with each other. There was even a duck catching contest which gave a lot of enjoyment to the on lookers. however, the boat races provided the best entertainment of the day. Ten long boats with sixty paddlers each for one race was considered the best event of the day. The shouts of the Dayaks provided a lot of excitement.

On 24th Sept 1942, the centenary was also celebrated in Sbiu. Methodist Schools played an important part in the day's activities.

At a Police Guard parade in the Government Grounds, the Distrcit Officer, Mr. S.G. hansom, representing the Resident, presented a Long Service medal to the Tua kampong of kampong Puloh, Haji Salleh.

The Methodist Schools studnets went out to sell Sarawak Centary Badges for the British War Effort and the China Relief Fund. They raised quite a bit of money.

A very successful lantern parade was held at night with six schools participating. Although there was a slight shower, the spirit of the public was not dampened. The Methodist Boys' School led the parade. Ong Poh tong, a Standard VI boy was the artist behind the three lanterns which featured the likeness of the three White Rajahs.

All the Methodist Churches made special efforts to hold special Centenary Services on the Sundays before or after the Centenary.

So in a way, the Foochow church leaders and members of the Methodist Churches and staff and students of the Methodist Schools, and Sacred Heart School, played a dominant role in the Centenary Celebration of the Brooke Rule in Sibu.

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What are butter fingers as you mentioned in your dramatis personae?

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Butter fingers is an English idiom which means that I drop things very easily. e.g. I can drop my spoon for no reason at all, or I can drop a piece of biscuit,etc.

It is really something quite characteristic of some people. And people like us cannot be doctors.

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Thanks for the explanation!!

I Am Sarawakiana said...

To the horror of my home science teacher, I dropped and broke the school mixing bowl in the Home Science Room. No one else in the school record ever broke such a big bowl.

Last week I saw a similar mixing bowl, made in England. And the incident came back again and again. I would like to replace it, but the home science room is no longer there.

But the Home Science and I have been having a warm sisterly relationship for the last 40 odd years.

Sometimes I sign Butterfingers.

SamT said...

Sarawakiana, I am Sam, a 23 year old from Sibu. I came across your blog after researching in google about Rev. James Hoover. I was very surprised with your knowledge on the history of Sibu. I do have more questions in regards to the roots of Sibu. If possible, could you give me your email so I could email you some of my questions. Thank you for all the effort in putting your blog together. It was certainly very informative and it preserved the history of Sibu. God bless you abundantly.

I Am Sarawakiana said...


Can you give me your email first?


I Am Sarawakiana said...

Can you ask you mother about those street lamps again? I moved from Kerto to Sibu in 1955 so I had little knowledge of the actual lifestyle before then.

Do you remember the first traffic light in Sibu?

SamT said...
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