Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Last British Governor of Sarawak

It must have been quite challenging to be the man who saw to the birth of a new Sarawak at the end of the 1950's.

In the hot tropical sun,the Governor Sir Alexander Waddell wore his ceremonial uniform and his plumed hat for functions. Here shaking hands with local dignitaries.

Walking towards the venue of the function,the Governor is accompanied by his ADC, also wearing an interesting hat.

A very interesting and nostalgic moment - the Governor and his wife alighting from the tambang. 45 years later you would not see the Sarawak Governor using the tambang for official functions any more. An old era is gone completely.

Final farewell to the last British Governor of Sarawak on 15th Sept 1963. Here Haji Openg (later Tun Openg) the first Governor of Sarawak within Malaysia,is shaking hands with Sir Alexander. It was a moment many felt was like a family gathering to bid farewell to a brother. Sir Alexander's style of government was friendly and familiar,open and not complicated.

Sources :
1. Sarawak Gazette
2. Kuching 1960-1963 Sir Alexander Waddell's Era (Compiled by Ho Ah Chon)

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Daniel Yiek said...

Nice post. Do u have a list of the British Governors of Sarawak?

I Am Sarawakiana said...

The British Governors of Sarawak :
1. Sir Charles Noble Arden Clarke 1946 Oct 29-1949 July 26
2. Mr. Duncan George Steward 1949 Nov 14. Assassinated on Dec 3rd in Sibu.
3. Sir ASnthonyh Foster Abell. April 4th 1950 - (originally for 3 years only ) but served until Nov 15th 1959
4. Sir Alexander Waddell. Feb 23rd 1960 to Sept 15th 1963.

Thanks for dropping by.

An interesting person to write about is Jakeway the Administrative Secretary.

Thanks for dropping by.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Sorry it should be Sir Anthony Foster Abell.

Unknown said...

some souce says.. Sarawak Merdeka on 22nd July 1963

James Yong said...

Very interesting and useful blog. Do you have any information on a British administrator named J B Archer? My grandfather used to work for him, and I'm currently researching my family tree.

James Yong said...
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Unknown said...

J. B. Archer was not really a British official. He was the last Chief secretary of the Brooke Raj. He had risen throught he ranks of the Brooke civil service and was a high ranking official before the war. When G.D. LeGros Clark, the Chief secretary died in the Lintang camp Archer became the senior Brooke official and assumed government in the name of the Rajah in 1945. He became Chief secretary but i don't know if he continued to work under the British, i doubt it. There is a photo of him raising the Sarawak Flag after Liberation in Bob Reece's book the Name of Brooke which I recommend.

Unknown said...

if you're interested in archer I might add that he published some memoirs in 1946. I've never read them but I think the title is simply SARAWAK

Unknown said...


I wonder where can I get a copy of the book, Kuching 1960–1963. Sir Alexander Waddell's Era, as well as Ho Ah Choon's other books?


Unknown said...


not sure bout that. Maybe you can ask this authour from

Unknown said...

Ok, thanks.


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