Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Faithful Dogs in My Life

This is an advertisement picture of a yellow Labrador. I was glad we spent some money to buy one which lived with us for 14 years and I called him Sultan. He was my children's and my faithful friend, our companion and our joy.

At one time we had two dogs - Sultan and Sheba. She looked like dog in this advertisement . She was an exceptional dog who was brave and at the same time kind. We had a lot of fun with her. We made a lot of friends because people would come and chat with us whenever we brought her out.

We also had Cocker Spaniels in Sibu. We called them Toby and Alpha. We had to give Toby away and someone stole our beloved Alpha. Alpha was just so beautiful that you could cry when you saw her running towards you. She was just so loveable.

For a while we could not look at an expensive dog in the eye because some one stole Alpha. We kept mongrels instead. But we derived a lot of joy from them too. Here is a picture of Miro when she was young.

I have a personal memory of one of the best teachers in Sarawak who wrote this on the blackboard one day, "Dogs are more faithful than men. Therefore I love dogs . Discuss."

What's your response?

Over the years I have taken photos of my dogs. I wished I had taken more and the digital camera was already around when I was younger.

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