Friday, May 30, 2008

Miss Chieng Chung Hua

I am wondering if any one has actually done a research on the forerunners of "women politicians and brave leaders" who took official posts in the Sibu District Council in the early 60's after the departure of British Colonialists. Where there were many who were leaders in the Women's Institute, there was one strong woman who was fearless, thoughtful and selfless. She was Miss Chieng Chung Hua. She was the first Foochow woman leader of Sibu.

She led the Chinese men and women in political thoughts by speaking out to both the public and students. She helped many people to become aware of their social rights. And she went every where riding on her bicycle. In a way she was an early people's leader.

One of her greatest contributions was organizing gotong royong to help the needy and the helpless.

And just as if to punish her her suspected crime, she was arrested and put under custody in Kuching New Village for several years.

Apart from being a clear thinking and a good reader, she was recognised as a young lady who knew what she was doing. Her support of the SUPP was very clear and obvious. And she was really a very good hearted person. She was compassionate as a person. She was daring to speak up against any injustice. She was truthful as well as hardworking.

What ever the police thought of her, it did not really matter to me. She was just a good person, who happened to be able to speak her mind during a very chaotic period of Sibu history.

Her sincerity is also shown today in the fact that she never "made a lot of money" out of her contacts with political leaders and her stint in police custody for years did not make her a bitter person. She has no regret serving the people.

It is good that we do have selfless, sincere and helpful, honest and hardworking women leaders who were like her during those days. She definitely has a good thinking head on her shoulders. It is a pity very few people remember her sacrifice.

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Unknown said...


My mother grew up in the traumatic 1950s and 60s and she always told me stories of that period. I remember she told me that one Iban lady who was a SUPP member by the name of Barbara bay. My mother told me that she was a greaat orator and a great lady leader in those days. There is a road in kuching named after her, the Mendu Road. Her full name was barbara mendu Bay

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Yes, Barbara Bay was a very significant personality in Sarawak history.

But my blog is only about the Foochows and all associated issues.

Perhaps one day, I will write about only the important women of Sarawak.

You must be a very young man with a very big pool of information. If your mother grew up in the 50's you could not have "known" about Long Bridge.???

Unknown said...


I grew up in the Long Bridgein the late 1960s till 1970s (until it was demolished). Lots of stories were from my mother.

Unknown said...

My mother was born during the 2nd world war. She grew up in the Lanang Road area in the late 1940s and 1950s.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

I think we have a great nest of stories in Long Bridge.

You can write a book called, Mother's Tales from Long Bridge.

Sibu can become a literary centre because there are so many good writers and so many good stories...I can even visualise a TV soap opera....with good creative scandals thrown in too...(shhhhhh)But I prefer something of great value like Pride and Prejudice......Jane Austen Style.

Unknown said...


Sarawakiana, you have changed your blog design overnight!! I like the new one!!Keep it up!

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Yeah, my daughter and I worked on it, It will be Sarawakiana's anniversary soon.

time to celebrate. I am trying my best to write more than 400 postings in one year!!

Thanks for your support.


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