Sunday, May 25, 2008

Foochow Desserts

One of my favourite Foochow desserts is Peanut Soup. It can be eaten warm or cold. In the 50's there were not many shops offering this dessert as a cold dessert. It was sold mainly by women like Ni Mui to the construction workers or other labourers from their bicycles or tri-cycles.

Then in the 60's and 70's peanut soup was sold in some coffee shops or some special shopes which specialised in it and other cold desserts like green bean soup, chendol and ice kacang. Today in the Food Court on the first floor of the Central Market in Sibu a huge bowl of peanut soup with some sago pearls can be your dessert of the day, especially on a hot hazy day.

Peanut soup is actually very simple to make.

First, carefully selected peanuts are dipped in boiling water for deshelling.

Then they are stewed with mild flame until they totally soften. Last add sugar and some washed sago pearls and continue stewing the soup for half an hour.

Older folks usually prefer this peanut soup hot as they find it nutritional and more "yang" for their constitution.

What are the benefits of taking peanut soup? It is commonly known that this soup is good for general health. It can take away one's cough if one is suffering from a heaty cough. Besides peanuts is full of protein. A large number of people also believe that peanut soup helps to improve one's appetite and can help someone who is weak to become strong again. It is good also for detoxing every now and then.

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Mumble jumble said...

This dessert is really nice. Especially when its cold. I kind of like it with condensed milk.

I wonder if the Foochows brought it over here, maybe the Sitiawan Foochows have the same, but probably with added almond syrup. Which isn't so nice.

I prefer home made :D

I Am Sarawakiana said...

thank you. I forgot the condensed milk, and the evaporated milk, if you like to add them.

some gula malaka or gula apong would be nice too.

A three layered peanut soup would be a wonderful innovation for any modern outlet.


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