Friday, May 16, 2008

Hazeline Snow

Old Look

New Look Hazeline Snow

Replica of Hazeline Snow as part of burnt offerings for dearly departed ancestors.

Do you know that Hazeline Snow has been around for more than a century?

My mum and her sisters in law and most of her friends are more than 75 years old now and all of them have been using Hazeline faithfully and perhaps the only beauty product, as much as they have used their brand of toothpaste. And their good skin is proof of this simple regime of skin care.

In fact, according to the most recent Hazeline Snow advertisement,in Malaysia , "it is a familiar household name and has been trusted over the generations. Most consumers like its cooling sensation and its mildness."

"Since 1999, Hazeline has been uplifted. Its range of products is now
enhanced by science to be specially formulated to suit your skincare
needs. Hazeline extracts only the best of nature to give you gentle yet
effective skincare solutions that protect our soft, smooth skin, naturally.

Hazeline brings out the best in nature for beautiful skin."

I used it as a teenager, and now, I continue to use this marvellous and simple cream. It is very convenient to use and can be carried around too in a handbag. The coolness of this cream comes from an active mint extract. This in turn helps reduce facial oil. I do not need to use any foundation or compact powder in the day time.

Furthermore many of my former students (then it was not a norm for boys to look at beauty and cosmetics counters) would be advised to use Hazeline snow to help remove dirt and grime to unclog pores and thus reduce and prevent pimples. They used to tell me that the cream did work for them.

Today, most Foochow ladies who use Hazeline Snow claim that it is a very good home moisturizer and a skin lightener for the whole family even. While some even claim that the fragrance from Hazeline snow is enough and they do not even have to buy expensive perfumes. One man had told me that his favourite scent is Hazeline snow (which is actually a mint extract). That's a nice and humble comment from a good man.

Personally I do agree that Hazeline Snow has come to mean a lot to many men and women in Sibu especially. When my friends and I spent a lot of time in the sports field we would use this cream to prevent sunburnt. More than 30 years later, the cream advertises its sunscreen properties. Actually it is a very cooling cream for the face after a long period of activities under the sun too.

But I have also found out in many homes is that even babies get a bit of their mother's Hazeline Snow when they had their nappies changed! Mums do know that this wonderful cream is gentle on baby's skin too.

Many Foochow mothers also use it to treat simple kitchen burns. So it is indeed useful to have a bottle at hand in the kitchen.

Unknown to perhaps many, Burroughs Wellcome a British pharmaceutical Company established in 1888 in Mumbai (Bombay) began producing Hazeline Snow in a rented premise at Worli , Mumbai in India in 1888!! Thus perhaps it was the Rajah Brookes who brought the first bottles of Hazeline Snow to Sarawak!!

And to end this blog I would like to share one of the latest findings I made - filial descendants are even able to buy replicas of Hazeline Snow for their dearly departed.

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irina muis said...

Hi, i read ur entry on my mum, Maimunah Nazarene, showed it to her and it made her day, hehe, thank you!

she's doing fine btw. She'd like to know who u are though as i cant find any names on your blog.

irina muis

sarawakiana said...

hi, Irina, I like your posting. soulful, intense and remarkable .

I have sent you an email too.


sarawakiana said...

Hi Irina,

the email was returned.

trishiekoh said...

I'm using hazeline snow now and it works fantastic! Loving the price too. I do prefer the old packaging though with the metal cap.

Unknown said...

Hi from the Philippines. I would love to try Hazeline Snow cream but can't find it anywhere here. Is there anyway I can buy it online? Thanks in advance for your response. Have a good day :)

Tan Cherlyn said...

Hi im selling hazeline cream 100g.
Im from spore


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