Sunday, June 17, 2007


What was dessert like then? There were very few refrigerators in the whole of Sibu and not many families had them either. So ice had to come in large blocks from the ice factory, Hua Hong, across river from Sibu or from some of the coffee shops and restuarants.

Whenever a family had a banquet, the men would take a boat and buy ice blocks from Hua Hong.

Hua Hong was owned by my grandfather, Tiong Kung Ping, who later sold it to his friend in early 60's so that he could set up Kiong Ang Brickyard (KAB) in Sg. Aup. That also explained why my early childhood was by the river and later, we moved to Sibu town.

Desserts were simple. At the end of the banquet, the guests were served peaches and longans from the tins!!

The huge bowls would come out to the waiting children, who were ready with their spoons to dig into the ice, peaches and longans. To this day, a great dessert to my siblings and I, would be one tin of Australian peaces, and two tins of longans, with all the syrup, and lots and lots of ice.


And that was really a good way to end a beautiful home cooked banquet!!

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