Saturday, June 09, 2007

I l0vE EvErythInG SArAwAk.

I am a post colonial,pre Malaysia mederka child.
I claim I am a Sarawakian, a second generation Sarawak born Chinese.
Where should i let down my roots?
If I can trace my bloodline to Genghis Khan,
Should I stay only on the Yellow River Plains?

If my wok is a wok and not a tandoori oven,
Am I less a Malaysian? or a Sarawakian?

If my feet are shod with Japanese slippers,
Am I less a Malaysian? or a Sarawakian?

If my tongue loves well candlenut,
coconut, and well fried spicy peanuts,
Am I less anything? or less anybody?

and if I enjoy more Ernest Hemingway,
And sing along with Frank, "My Way",
Would I be less Malaysian and Sarawakian?
or Considered just a free Flower child without kin and kith?

And if I love the smell and taste of Sarawak,
Am I less Sarawakian
than all who trace their bloodline amongst the
Temenggongs and Pengirans?

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Quachee said...

heya chanced on yr blog. can see yr passion on all things sarawak! :)

btw im thinking would you like to share what you like/ love on sarawak to be featured in my upcoming malaysia book? :)

ps: you can email me at

thanks & gong xi fa cai! :)

sarawakiana said...

Thank you QC and your photo is very nice.

Gong Xi Fa Cai - your pinyin is very good ! I use some kind of corrupted pinyin, or what we call haywire pinyin.

I love Sarawak to bits. And Malaysia too. Hope you will continue to read what I write.

Quachee said...

heya definitely will come back to read more on sarawak! :)

Sophie said...


Does anyone has Sarawak Laksa Paste recipe? I live in Canada and miss the Sarawak Laksa very much. Can somebody share the recipe with me please?


sarawakiana said...

Dear Sophie,

I put up the laksa paste recipe. Try to make a small portion to your own taste.

I am sure the whole laksa recipe is available everywhere. Just don't use too much coconut milk and other oils.

Good luck.


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