Monday, November 10, 2008

Fishnet Stockings

What did young girls dream about all those long years ago? There were many dreams naturally. And one of them was to be fashionable, attractive and happy - We all dreamed in the way John Travolta dreamed - strut the street and be happy.

Did black fishnet stockings feature in your teenage dreams?

A chance meeting with a singer last weekend brought this posting about. She triggered off some memories of the days of Sibu when young girls wanted to look nice for a party. Black fish net stockings would have been a dream come true for some, albeit worn in a discreet manner.

This is "Om" and she is a part time singer with a local band. She has a great voice and a great style to match. She strikes a very nice pose for me being the friendly girl she is and furthermore she does not mind chatting with an older woman. I thought that is the big thing about her. She is a nice singer with a great big heart.

Don't judge her too harshly because she is wearing fishnet pantyhose and hot pants! She is all dressed up like this to help attract a big crowd for a Charity Food Sale. Her team mates are all dressed up like her. Very appealing to a large crowd. One table of men sat down for more than three hours and bought several booklets of coupons!!

And as usual my writing comes with a bit of history.

If you remember, the fishnet stockings were made famous by Moulin Rouge of Paris in the 1800 and then later the can can girls went west to help ease the loneliness of the gold miners in the early days of the US. We saw lots of them in the westerns staring John Wayne and others.

And the performance of Nicole Kidman and Ian McGreggor is memorable in Moulin Rouge.

Here is an interesting extract from an article by John Manning:

Fishnets have become far more acceptable than in they once were, having made their way out of the shadowy darkness of clubs and burlesque shows, and into the bright light of modern urban women's wear.

Fashion comes and goes. You are your own best judge but some tips from fashion writers can also help you not to make any fashion faux pas. Some of the nicest ensembles have been enhanced by pretty white small meshed fishnet stockings. But match black fishnet stockings with a red corset form fitting suit you will have a man killer kind of attire. Ask Madonna.

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