Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hot Pants Then and Now

Not too long ago I read that hot pants are still popular amongst young celebreties and especially among the singers. Of course Madonna and Tina Turner, who are not exactly young, were sensational in hot pants.

This brought to mind the various occasions when several "young Taiwanese and other singers" wore the hot pants in Sibu and that set a lot of tongues wagging in the 1960's. Little children of course wore their regular shorts. But it was felt then, that these hot pants were not for the more mature. Any men caught oggling at these legs would have been pinched blue and black by their ever observant wives.

Sibu being a small town then was made hotter by the fashion.

Today 30 or 40 years later not many would raise a Foochow eyebrow when some one walks past in a pair of hot pants. There has indeed been more social changes than possibly believed. Apparently many men have also lost their whistling and fairly appreciative habits. Our Foochow men are not at all similar to the hot blooded Latinos. But I have been told that pastors have already made cautionary announcements that young girls should not be wearing their tiny hot pants to church as they would "distract the other worshippers" from spiritual and devotional thoughts.

Singers (non Muslim) continue to spot hot pants on stage. Exposed legs are very attractive in the pop scene. The more skin exposed the better it seems.

These are Korea girls strolling in the streets of Seoul. And no one would bat an eye on them. Perhaps summer is just too hot to be too well covered. And in Sibu airports you can watch lots of legs these days.

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Have you ever listened to James Brown's "Hot Pants". He was the late estranged husband of Tina Turner who even at the grand old age of 60+ has nice legs for hot pants.

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Arani Jantok said...

maybe the taboo of older men oogling at younger women in hot pants still exists... :) but of course, the wearing of hot pants is STRICTLY ;) reserved for the younger generation :)... i doubt that in any way, older men would want to look at an 'older' woman wearing hot pants..

sarawakiana said...

well said...well said....

I saw a security guard oogling at a young girl this evening. And she was not even wearing hot pants!! I watched him watching the girl .....for several long minutes....Today there is more freedom and less fear in staring at girls...

thanks for visiting.


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