Saturday, November 15, 2008

A white haired kind hearted and wise old lady came by my stall

This lady came to my Charity Food Sale Stall and fondly looked at my kuih muih.

Very gently she showed me her coupons and asked what she could get for them. I suggested the goodies she could buy and she decided very quickly what she wanted and gave me the correct coupons. She was still very alert and wise in her decision making.

I noticed her beautiful hair and her beautiful jade earrings. She was still very neat and her jade earrings indicated her sense of style. She must have kept these earrings all her life! (upon reflection I lost my pair of jade earrings to some petty thief who broke into my house! Now I don't have the heart to buy another pair.)

So I asked her if I could take her pictures. She graciously allowed me to photograph her.

And I did wish then I had a better camera. The second photo was over exposed because I was shooting from inside the tent and the camera had not adjusted to the lighting.

She then thanked me for the goodies and the photograph session. She was a real star!!

She was all for charity but she was more charitable towards me and my interest.A chance meeting like this is rare. She made my day!

I then wished that we should have more people like her in our world.
Good sport!!

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Robert Rizal Abdullah said...

Dear Chang Yi,

You had a charity food fair in Miri? What kind of food did you sell that attracted the old lady?

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Hi there

It was the annual Dynasty Charity Food Fair which helps to raise funds for Miri Dialysis Centre. We raised RM40000 this year in spite of the economic downturn. The public like this old lady is very supportive.

My stall sold Mini Fried Popiah and love letters made in Mukah (Original recipe) which were very sellable. We also sold a few other local and colourful kuihs and curry puffs which were melt in the mouth type.

Food fair is always a good thing to do for the public and for many it is a nice day out. Especially when we had a great band with very sexy singers thrown in.....

You must come to Miri to enjoy this particular band...(Read my other postings : Fishnet Stockings and Hot pants.....hehehe


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