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Yomeishu - A Wine Which Promotes Longevity (Yang Ming Jiu)


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Yomeishu or Longevity Wine has been around for as long as I can remember. My grandmother had a glass every now and then. My mother drank it as a tonic for her poor health and I love it as a tonic too whenever I feel like having it nowadays. Once opened it does not have to be finished. You can drink it spariningly until it is finished. A small plastic container is usually provided for you to measure the prescribed amount you can drink.

My aunt told me a longevity story which circulated in Sibu many years ago.

A very rich man (name withheld) was very impressed by one of the hardworking gardeners he employed as he was still working at his ripe old age of 76. Each day the old man would ride his bicycle to cut grass and in a week he could finish cutting grass for about 8 houses along that particular road. He was like a permanent fixture in that area. Rain or shine he would be around. Not many actually paid attention to him and his activities.

One day the rich man made a special effort to stop by the gardener and asked the old man a question,"How do you live this long - nu di mian jin yi eh sia hiin mang dong." He went on to ask the old man,"What's your secret?"

The old gardener said "It is simple - simple cold tea and cold rice,towkay. Have no worries. Work hard each day and sleep well."

Apparently the old man lived almost to a 100. The rich towkay passed away a few years ago in very lonely and pathetic conditions. The face to face encounter probably took place 30 years ago.

The Chinese drug stores have on their shelves many different types of wines and many concoctions to prolong life. It seems like the Chinese emperors of long ago we too are still looking for the elixir of life!! Yomeishu is perhaps on such concoction from Japan.

Most Foochow women think that it is an ideal tonic for poor health and especially those who need to dispel cold winds in their bodies. Many new mothers would have a sip of it every day during their confinement period. A few ladies i know even claim that it can cure their headaches and stomach aches.

It is an interesting tonic wine which contains the following ingredients (per 60mL)
Cinnamomi Cortex (J.P.) 270 mg Carthami Flos (J.P.) 12 mg
Rehmanniae Radix (J.P.) 60 mg Paeoniae Radix (J.P.) 60 mg
Caryophylli Flos (J.P.) 24 mg Ginseng Radix (J.P.) 60 mg
Saposhnikoviae Radix (J.P.) 96 mg Curcumae Rhizoma 36 mg
Leonuri Herba 48 mg Epimedii Herba 114 mg
Linderae Umbellatae Ramus 594 mg Eucommiae Cortex 18 mg
Cistanchis Herba 48 mg Agkistrodon Japonicae 12 mg

Manufactured in Japan Yomeishu is popular in Asia and is often prescribed as a health tonic. No one can actually get drunk with it.

Most women feel that if taken it is for the improvement of the following symptoms: poor appetite, gastroenteric weakness, poor blood circulation, chills, fatigue, weak constitution, and weakness after disease.

It is the best gift to give to your friends on their birthdays, and when they are ill or having their confinement.

Men of course can drink this wine.

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Unknown said...

One of the ingredients of yomeshu is Leonurus siribicus, a type of herbs found in the Eurasia region and had been introduced to Sarawak by Hakka migrants. It is called kacangma.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Wow that is indeed wonderful. All of us in Sarawak love kacangma.

I must write an article about kacangma soon!!

thank you for your info.

Unknown said...

Have few bottles kept away for 7 years, are they fit for consumption

Unknown said...

Have few bottles of Yomeishu kept away for 7 years, are they fit for consumption


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