Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Love is being carried in a sling!

My babies were all carried in a normal Foochow Sling Carrier as shown in these three photos. My mum carried her babies in this way also as did her forebears in Foochow China. Those were the days when we did not even think of buying manufactured sling baby carriers as they were not available in the market.

All you need is just a piece of two metres of cotton material tied in a good knot (reef knot) and the sling is easily adjusted to the baby size and length. This sling carrier is very hygienic and airy and can be washed almost every day. If you like an extra length of cloth can be added to protect the child from the sun.

The lovely knot at the back is just so nostalgic. Babies love their grandmothers when they are carried in this way!! This lady is carrying her beloved grandson. And she has a bag on the other shoulder. By the look of it she is right handed and the child is so comfortable in the sling. Her hands are freed up to choose and buy food. How safe the boy looks in her loving care!! Do you remember being carried in this way?

(Photos by Sarawakiana 2008)

Today young mothers are spoilt for choice as there are 1001 kinds of baby carriers to choose from. I have selected a spectrum of baby carriers for you to look at .Furthermore I have deliberately selected some photos which feature male models. I feel that men should also try to bond with their babies as much as women do.

This is not pnly to encourage the feminine side of our males to surface but to ensure that fathers do have a good share of baby minding. After all the men are stronger species who should do more carrying.

Thirty years ago not many men would carry a child around in a carrier. See how times change and how people change. Indeed I feel that this is making the world a better place .

According to many trendy parents wraparound baby carriers are very versatile and can help you carry your baby from birth to the toddler years, depending on how much weight you can carry. They are usually made of a stretchy fabric, sometimes a gauze and Lycra combination. There are several ways to snuggle your baby up against your torso and distribute his or her weight so that it is easy for you to carry them.

With wraparound baby carriers, you can carry your baby in a variety of ways - on your back, in the front, or on your hip or side. The length of the material and the many ways to tie it can be intimidating for first time users of the wraparound baby carriers, but with some practice and patience, you'll get the hang of it. And once you have tied the carrier into place, you simply lift your baby into the wraparound baby carrier and you are ready to go. No need to undo the wraparound carrier every time you take the baby out, you can leave it tied up and simply remove the baby for changing and then put them back into place and you're ready to go again.

One must be careful when holding the baby in certain positions in wraparound baby carriers. There must be enough material under the baby's bottom to support the baby so she or he doesn't slip out. Some configurations are tied to let the baby slip their legs into the wraparound carrier so they are secure and cannot slip out. However, there is another configuration that only allows for the baby's bottom to be sitting in the carrier material with very little support. When used in this way it is important to make sure everything is in order just to be extra precautious.

Babies love to be held. Even better, they love to be held and in motion! Baby carriers do both, allowing your infant to cuddle into you while feeling the rythmic motions of your breathing and your walking. To me therefore the traditional cotton sling pouch is the best and it won't cost too much either. Store bought sling pouches can be costly due to import tax and foreign exchange.

This is an Sarawak Orang Ulu Baby Carrier called Uyut - it is beautifully made from natural materials like tree bark and light weight wood with rattan and beads for decoration. they are so well made that they can last for several generations and many are considered family heirlooms.

A lovely beco-butterfly baby carrier

This is an interesting book on Baby Carriers called The Art and Soul of the Miao and Dong People by Yu Chiao Liu Lan Christi Lan Lin and Brenda Lin.

This is a beautiful book that highlights traditional baby carriers of the Miao and Dong minority people of China. Each baby carrier was carefully designed, sewn, and decorated (either by embroidery and/or beadwork) by a young woman, in hopes of one day carrying her child.

The pictures are superb, and are accompanied by explanations of the symbolism of the designs chosen for the decorations of the baby carriers. The book is in English, Japanese, and Chinese, including poems and essays by the three generations of women in this family that wrote the book.

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Baby Changing Stations said...

wow..these slings are awesome....Just found the right thing to gift my sister as she was looking for a baby changing station and a sling for her 3 months old baby.

sarawakiana said...

Yeah Baby slings and carriers are just the right things to give for Christmas too.

Love and happiness always.

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