Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aftermath of Flash Flood - Cleanup

Every fence in the neighbourhood has something drying.

The sofa shows the water level. Will have to get a new set as it is smelly and muddy.

This is only part of the mud from the construction site left by the two - hour flash flood.

The tell-tale flash flood level mark. The neighbour has lots of plastic bags and styrofoam packets stuck to the fence.

this is a computer bag all soaked up in the cupboard. Note the muddy water.

This is a beloved living room Iban rattan (lampit) mat. It needs a careful wash to get rid of the mud and muddy smell. Have to pray for the sun to shine.

All the bags from the store room need to be washed and sun dried.

Neighbour's carpet drying in the sun - dark clouds looming above so the photo is rather poor.

Flashback from friends and neighours:

"Ten o'clock at X place - the water rose to drain level. I thought it was quite safe and prepared to sleep. By midnight like the dam broke the water was in the house. I was so shocked and started to shake. My husband went about trying to collect things. But it was hopeless."

"Suddenly all in the neighbourhood experienced a blackout and the water from the drain with plastic bags and rubbish all swirled into the compound."

"All watched with horror the flash flood water getting into the living room at ground level. Everything which could float in the living areas floated. The water could not be stopped. It was like a dam breaking!"

"At about two the water level went down to one inch. Suddenly."

"Then cleaning started. By four this morning my bones were breaking."

"This was a flash flood - once in twenty five years according to the owners and tenants in the neighbourhood. "

"The water pump broke and the service men have not arrived yet (Noon)."

"Early this morning I could not reach my neighbour (living alone) by handphone. She did not answer her phone. I asked another friend to call her. No answer too. So I thought she had been electrocuted in her apartment. But finally she answered her phone. She had been so exhausted and overwhelmed that finally by morning she had collapsed into her bed which was the only dry place in the apartment!!"

"I probably lost about RM5000. Luckily I do not have a piano. All my books and files are completely written off! My relatives helped me clean up. The place became live-able at about 5 p.m. Most of the things are still wet including the sofa of course."

Will it happen again?

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