Thursday, January 22, 2009

ox year

An interesting Ox Year Poem from a dear friend.....

The Ox is Coming

With a squeak it will exit,
And make room for the next IT.
Charge, IT does, promising wealth
*MooOoo*... IT croons, promising health.

In spite of this year's downturn,
there's still some money to burn.
IT brings cheers to you and me,
fills my heart and yours with glee.

But what of the little mouse?
Any paw prints in your house?
It came, bearing aplenty,
joy, warmth and prosperity.

Let us be grateful for that
adversary of the cat.

As we all welcome the ox,
sweet kam for you in a box.

So take out all your ox clocks,
Anticipating tick-tocks.
Faces light up, looking gay
and wreath in smiles the whole day.

Though ends this couplet of mine
There's promise in this year's sign.

'Happy Niu Year' I wish you
May your every dream come true.

(CO and SSP, 23 January 2009)

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