Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pandaw Rejang River Cruise

There's news in the air saying that our beloved Rajang River would soon be seeing a new type of river boat/cruiser (made in Yangon Mynmar) which offers VIP cruises (rumoured at more than RM2000 per head). It was indicated that even Tom Cruise might be amongst those taking the cruises!!

These asre just two photos I have obtained from various travel brochures for you to savour!!

I hope very soon we will know more about this kind of tour our excited ministers have been talking about. I just hope that it will mean more employment for our unemployed. And of course - a boost to our economy on the bright side......

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Emmy Dahliana said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
I like your blog, very educational, and I get to learn a lot about our state :)

sarawakiana said...

Nice to hear from you.

Thanks for the compliments. Really appreciate it.

Enjoy your studies!! God bless.

Victor Kiu said...

RM2000+ per head?? GOSH! I prefer to take star cruise!! haha

Robert Rizal Abdullah said...

Dear Chang Yi,

That cruise will be great and will change the style of travel on the Rejang River.

But while the riverine transportation are going to change for the better, the Rejang River itself must see changes too.

For instance, the river is heavily silted and shallow. Last July I went up to Kanowit from Sibu. Just before the Durin bridge our boat ran aground on a sand bar in the middle of the river. The impact threw most of us out of our seats. I was thrown against a steel railing and almost fell down to the lower deck. I am still nursing the bad arm today.

If the river is shallow, the colour of the water is equally bad and there are lots of floatsome and jetsome floating down the river. They are also a danger to boats plying the river.

The local authority must clean up the Rejang River in order to attract tourists so that they could spread the good words when they go home.

sarawakiana said...

It is nice to hear your view pointsw. Yes a lot must be done to make the Rajang a nice river for cruises.
The Mekong and the Irrawaddy are beautiful naturally and are probably still in their pristine conditions. I have always wanted to travel up the Irrawaddy.

I do hope our authorities will realise the value of a clean and beautiful river. The Thames took more than 10 years to clean up.

I hope your arm is slightly better now

Robert Rizal Abdullah said...

Dear Chang Yi,

But as long as unscrupulous loggings and the mega bakun project are going on, efforts to improve the river would be useless.

sarawakiana said...

Looking at the postive side if the Rajang can be "cleaned up" and the siltation problem solved Malaysia will be in the Guiness Book of records for cleaning up the river in Record Time. Think of all the awards Malaysia can win!! Think of the millions of tons of water we can produce - and there will be so much joy for people in the world!!

The Green People will be happy but what is most importnat is we as Malaysians will live in a beautiful rainforest which will provide millions of species of medicinal plants to heal the world.

And all these must be done before it is too late!! I do agree with you. May our dreams come true.

Pehaps our Special VIP will come to our aid too.


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