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Sibu Oya Road Golf Club and emails about golf

The Sibu Golf Club 20 years ago - Photo by Philip Hii.

The Sibu Golf Club House.

Sibu Golf Club - photo by Philip Hii ( 2008)

Sibu Golf Club - photo by Philip Hii (2008)

Some friends have written in to ask me about playing of golf in Sibu. There is not much I can say about it . But I am lucky to have Philip Hii ( to help me out with some photos. Thanks for the photos Philip.

If you don't play much golf you can always enjoy the blue skies and the lovely clouds. A day out in the open is often good for the soul and the body.

Prominent Sibu men and women have since the 1960's aspired to play good golf as social standard of living rose. That is a far cry from the lifestyle of the early and frugal and early pioneers. While tennis may have been the first "foreign game" (as it was played by the Colonial officers and foreign managers) it eventually lost its social glamour to golf. Golf to Malaysians at large has always been a game for business networking and for the rich and famous.

The Sibu Golf Club being sited more than 10 miles from Sibu town itself is thus one of the places in Sibu not so "open" to the public . It does have that elitist status since it was established in the 1970's. However I suppose one can call the arrival of the golf game in Sibu as a mandatory kind of social and sports development.

Weekends would see a lot of rich men driving their Mercedes Benz and BMW towards the golf course for a round or two of golf. And some did play very good games I must say. But I have often wondered how many "hole in one" had been achieved there. And of course betting was very much a part of their game. I was given to understand that a few made more money during the weekend than they did on weekdays!! I will leave the guesswork to you.

In comparison golf elsewhere in the world is cheap where everyone can play golf.

This is a photo which spurned a lot of email amongst my group of e-friends (I have taken some here for you to read...a kind of dinosaurs' emails which motivate us every day...And golf being a fairly good game for older bones and muscles etc......

This is a group photo of my friends who play very good golf (in Miri)

Dear AL......
Irrespective of the cost, it is a golfer's dream to play on the Royal and Ancient, old course at St. Andrews. When is the low season? I am sure that XXX, YYY, ZZZ, ZR, TZ and a few other avid golfers may be interested on a golf tour of the British Isles if it can be arranged. Perhaps there are cheaper golf packaged deals available?


On Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 11:33 AM, AL wrote:

The St.Andrew' links have about 7 courses of which the Old course is one of them
The Old course is where the OPEN is played,the green fee is quite cheap during the low season about £64.I don't know the price at high season.To play the course you either book through the corporate Co which cost a fortune(not to the Japanese tourists) or you can go up there and put your name on list which will be drawn as a ballot.The lucky few would play on the day.

Do you fancy playing a game there ?
The other 6 courses are as good as the Old Course except there are not as famous.


Dear Doc
They are right,it's the Old Course of St.Andrew' Links and the picture showed the 18th hole back to the club house.

For your information it's a public golf course owned by the local council.


I think what really strikes me is this :

FYI it's a public golf course owned by the local council.

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Robert Rizal Abdullah said...

Dear Chang Yi,

Non golfers will never understand and to a certain extent scorn at the fanatical enthusiasm to the game shown by golfers.

Many have critised that golf courses have damaged nature and non-golfing bosses will refrain their golfing staffs and workers from playing golf.

To me, this is absolutely not true. Golf courses beautify the surroundings and provide some of the most beautiful landscapes and sceneries. Trees, grasses, flowers and bushes are planted and looked after. Streams, lakes and ponds are even built and all kind of fish are put in them. Proper drainages are made to ensure the proper flow of stagnant water in the soil. No barren land are left barren - as you see in housing development.

Who says Golf Courses are bad for nature and environment?

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Thanks for the comments. Golf courses all over the world are beautiful and some of the golf course architects are very well respected I know.

Being a non-golfer myself I only can enjoy the scenery and at times the good food available in the restaurants. I would not like to be a golf widow. (swmile)

If I had taken up golf I am sure I would have been a good one. Another life in the future may be.


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