Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Smile brought by an Email from My Teacher

When things seem so dismal God sends a ray of hope and a smile to my face - an email from a very retired teacher talking about ordinary every day things.

I would like to share a smile and a note from my American Missionary teacher Miss J (40 years ago)who continues to be in touch with me all these years. She is still very active even though most of her students are retired now!! You can work out your Maths here.

Communications work both ways. You write and your recipient writes back . You give a smile and you get a smile back. You deliver a bag of happiness and you get bags and bags of happiness back.

And it is lovely to hear from a teacher ! There cannot be too many words and details in a letter lovingly written and lovingly received.

As much as we receive we too must write lovingly to our children and friends - spelling out ordinary things in extra-ordinary small ways!! Treasures!

Sun 3:40 PM

Hi xxxx

Change my email address from Sprint to ggggg@xxmail....

I was very surprise to read that Axxxxx had retired.

Below is part of an email that I wrote to my family yesterday.




Sun 7:15 PM

Picture attached. Last Friday, 2nd, a friend, her neighbor and I spent most of the day in the cemetery where I have gotten much of my wood over the past couple years.. We left my house at 8:30 AM, and we got back 'for good' at 6:15 PM. They wanted to help me unload the 2nd load, but it was late and dark, and we were very tired. I unloaded it myself on Sat. By the time I went to bed Friday night, I could barely move, but felt much better on Sat.

We were back at my house for about 1.5 hours at lunch time, as we brought a large trailer load of wood back, and had chili for lunch. Then we returned to the cemetery and got another large trailer load. All the wood had to be cut, as the tree 'guys' cut in long lengths, when they take down a tree. Later on in the year, I'll rent a wood splitter to split this up.

Yesterday the three of us were in the wood business again. Someone gave my friend a black walnut tree, but it wasn't cut down. It was a tall tree, but the diameter wasn't nearly as big as what we got at the cemetery. The butt end was probably only 15-17 inches in diameter.

As I've been typing, Baltimore and Tennessee were playing a football game. I think Tenn was favored, but Baltimore won.

Tuesday night we had a bit of ice. I didn't think it was all that much, but it was really weighing the trees down. My neighbor (Roberta) lost some big limbs out of her tree. This morning, I cut that wood up for her, and she brought it over to my wood pile. I cut up a large branch that came down from one of my trees, and Roberta helped clean that up.

On Jan 1 I took Roberta to BWI airport so that she could go to New England to visit her family. I went to her house to take care of 3 cats. On Jan 6 I met her at BWI on her return trip. Tiger was happy to go with me on both trips.

Through amateur radio, I've been asked to help with communications on inauguration day. My reply was only if someone else from around here was also going. No way do I plan to try to drive anywhere close to Washington DC on that day. Not sure yet whether or not I'll be going.


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FH2o said...

It's always nice to receive a letter or card from old friends. This should be treasured.

I stumbled on this blog looking for some info on "umai".
BTW I am no longer using my blogger account but am "forced" to do so by this comment box setup!
I am now at Thanks)

sarawakiana said...

Thanks for visiting.

I know this "comment" box forces commentors to use a blogger account. I do wish there is a way out so that more can leave comments which I do value.

I have visited your blogs before. I devour voraciously everything written about Sarawak!!

Do you still need the umai recipe?


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