Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thoughts of Sibu : Bukit Lima Park Sibu

(Bukit Lima Park Plank Walk - Source : Rajang Basin -

A good plank walk for running in very cool environment (Source : Rejang Basin)

Map of Bukit Lima Park Sibu (Source Rajang Basin)

As Earth Day and Love Your Park Campaigns become catch phrases all over the world (especially these few days of unusually high temperature @34 degrees and above ) even the very busy Sibu folks talk about the neccessities of cooling down the earth and making the environment more live able in the coffee shops and in the market places. The awareness for a better environment is catching on very positively and I hope speedily ASAP.

A good nature park would be one of the answers to the global warming conditions in Sibu. Thus the Bukit Lima Park should be truly made full use of. More nature friendly programmes must be incorporated into Park Education for the locals and tourists in order to make the park more cost effective and lively and attractive. Children need to learn more about loving the earth . they are our hope. A day out there is a spiritual and physical family trip. One way of getting gratefully nearer our Creator! And a sweet down memory lane journey for those who would like to remember their pioneering ancestors who brought them to Sibu.

As we drove back from Sibu to Miri we noticed how the roadsides were cleaned up of all the plastic bottles and paper wrapping thrown out from cars!! A young lady wearing a uniform jacket drove along and picked up all the rubbish from her motor bike using a long wrought iron tong! ( A "hui keeng"!!) She put all the rubbish in a big black pastic bag tied to her motor bike. As the Oya Road is fairly a long road her work must be too tedious for her to walk all the way and then back. Her mode of transport is light enough for her to "work from her bike". ( I did not take a photo because of the long line of traffic line behind me and I would not want in any way jeopardise her work prospects. My apologies to her for writing this comment) Furthermore it might be dangerous for her to be working and walking alone in this long stretch of road especially when the traffic becomes light or non existent at all.

We did not have the time to visit the Bukit Lima Park although we were in the vicinity. A pity. Next time we must make an effort to spend a day in the park.

We left our hometown with a sigh - we need to go elsewhere to "cari makan" and thus missing all the goings-on and lifestyle of Sibu.

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天鵝江畔 said...

My blog using Rajang Basin not Rejang Basin, becoz I check with SMC they are using Rajang few years back officially. Also the Rajang Port Authority use the same name.

sarawakiana said...

Thanks for pointing this out. Much appreciated.
I am quite behind in this spelling matter having lived in Miri for so long. Need to be more updated!!
God bless.
Let us know more about the Peat Swamp Park. Wonderful! Oon Da fu!
I also need the other Foochow Dictionary. The one with English meaning.

kamaliah said...

This is very interesting. As a park enthusaist I must visit Sibu one day!! Thanks for the recommendations.

sarawakiana said...

Hi It's nice of you to visit. This is Visit Sibu Year 2009.

So do visit Sibu and contribute to the economy.


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