Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palm Sunday - A Warm Greeter!!

Today is Palm Sunday.

Worshipping in Wesley Church Sibu is always a joy and a homecoming for me.

And especially when the greeter is Peter Lau my faithful and loving cousin who even comes down the steps to welcome me!! True to the family tradition Peter is a grandson of the Second Kang Chu Lau Kah Tii who was a warm hearted and hospitable community leader. Peter's mother is my third aunt and sister of my father. So we are doubly related and therefore doubly close. Just slightly younger than I he and have been through Sunday School and MYF and then adult services together at Wesley Church.

Wesley Church greeters are always very special because of their smiles and warm personalities. They are truly the second mile people - now they are the "many steps down people". Indeed a lesson in humility - Christ like.

What is outside is so good. And what is inside is even better.

(As for the great Palm Sunday sermon - go to YAN. Scroll down my blog roll. )

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justin said...

Thank you. You must really love your church very much.
Thank you for showing me " Yan".

sarawakiana said...

Yan is a very committed writer who has very good eyes and deep spiritual faith.

Thanks for visiting. I guess you must be a Catholic.

ngoh said...

As a student worshipping in various churches in Kl remind me how important ushers and greeters are!!

Nice cousin to walk down the steps.... Not many churches have steps.

sarawakiana said...

I believe there are many architects in this world who have great Christian faith and they build churches with their hearts and soul.

Many churches have steps because the congregation or church committee want their church to stand tall. Another reason is the steps will give the church a good frontage. When the church is lifted in this way there will be a lower portion which can be used a offices or car parks below. But it really depends on how big the land is.
for me steps always give me such a big space for photography of large groups of people!


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