Friday, April 03, 2009

Ching Ming in Sibu

I am borrowing this photo from Wong Meng Lei just in case many of you do not read Chinese.

Ching Ming in Sibu is usually blue skies and high temperatures. And as many Foochows are Methodist this cross filled cemetery scene is just so representative of Methodist Cemeteries in Sibu.

the photo reminds me of the hymn we used to sing on Sunday :

For the beauty of the earth
For the glory of the skies
For the love which from our birth
over and around us lies
Lord of all
To thee we raise
This our hymn of greatful praise. (Folliot Pierpoint 1864)

May all give a kind thought or two to our dearly departed and be eternally grateful for all that we have received.

2 memories:

justin said...

The blue sky is really nice. Seem like a foreign country. Congratulations to your photographer friend.

sarawakiana said...

Glad you like the picture like I do. The photographer is Wong Meng Lei a good writer from Sibu.


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