Saturday, April 04, 2009


These days every one is talking about re-branding. Hotels are renamed. Some products are re-named and re-packaged. But rebranding is more than renaming.

So I have given thought to one of my favourite drinks - tea. How has tea which traditionally come in loose form or in tea leaves been rebranded?

How has some types of tea been re-branded in the past few years? See for yourself!

tea sticks with Japanese influence.

Tea in special tins with Yoga influence.

The Mainland Chinese are magicians in their product innovation and rebranding. Here "Rejang Basin" blog owner is showing a Chinese zodiac pendant gift tied to a Chinese Eternity knot. Wow that's a lot of culture in this gift! It looks like a bronze pendant. But is it?

Many people love to bring gifts to this affable and warm hearted prolific writer. And I particularly like to spend time to appreciate artifacts and trace their origins.

This pendant is actually made of pressed tea and embossed on it is an Ox for this is the year of the Ox. It is very meaningful to me especially since I am going into my 5th Cycle of the Zodiac...oops I am getting antiquated! If I get one of this it will probably hang from my wall for eternity.

Another posting on pressed tea cake later.

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catherine said...

I'm no tea lover. But your article is interesting! Sorta open my eyes.
The zodiac one is a beaut. Lucky that your friend can get a present like that.

bliss said...

The Yoga tin looks very good. Can keep as souvenir. or can give a tin of tea as gift to relatives. I think cannot buy the Japanese tea here.

sarawakiana said...

I have very great feelings for tea as it is my grandfather's drink.
I learn to drink coffee from my parents.
Now I am 50-50. Best of both worlds.
Yes I like the Ox zodiac tea pendant. Remarkable isn't it?

sarawakiana said...

B liss
I am not sure about the quality of the tea . But the logo is beautiful too.


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