Friday, April 10, 2009

The Passing of a Good Friday

Good Friday is a restful day for those who are retired . It is also considered fairly easy for those without adult children and boisterious grandchildren around. If they have friends around they would not suffer from the proverbial empty nest syndrome especially during a public holiday.

It is a blessing that Sarawak continues to observe Good Friday as a public holiday where more than 60% of the population will gather in various places of worship to remember the bitter crucifixion of Christ.

Apart from going to church perhaps a small gathering of four or five friends would be a nice way to await the Easter celebration. These days such gatherings might be interrupted by mobile phone calls from loved ones and even Skype or chatting on line!! Cyberspace and virtual relationship have become part of life making our later years easier to go by.

After Ching Ming the bittersweet Good Friday which follows just one week later can also be a memorable special day.

Three roti canai and two pieces of naan (similar to the bread eaten by the Jews in Judea during Jesus' time) with dhall curry appeared first on the table served by the cheerful Indonesian made. With our fingers we dug into the roti and the dhall curry very much like the First Century Christians did.

And then an exciting green vegetable dish was served. We did not eat rice by choice.

This vegetable is home grown by a neighbour who makes a good sale every morning. Sometimes in the evening she still has enough to sell to a few more families. Very organic and these curly greens are stir fried quickly with water chestnut. Very crispy and nutty in taste.

Fried Bananas - crispy and perfectly fresh and tenderly sweet.

Another dish was served - bitter gourd fried with ikan bilis and dried chillies to add to the bitterness of the occasion.

finally a dish of toufoo cooked with imported vegetables like celery and sweet peas and small tiny mushrooms came up to sweeten our tastebuds.

All these was washed down by bitter sweet kopi-o.

The bitterness of the kopi 0 reminded me of the bitterness and pain that Jesus must have suffered in the hands of the Romans and the Jews.

An unforgettable and perhaps unique Good Friday vegetarian meal with friends. No merry making with wine. No meat.

Thus we remembered the unique Good Friday more than 2000 years ago when He said"Lord forgive them for they know not what they are doing." Such divine grace. Such compassion. Such love for all of us sinners.

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Superman said...

I had to work on Good Friday...sigh...

sarawakiana said...

Public Holidays are meant for Civil Servants then? I suppose it is always business as usual in Sibu - including sundays.

I have always liked the great services of and when we wanted to buy something the shops always seem to be open. If front door not open....back door open. But when I lived else opening means no opening of business!! Life becomes harder and no longer neighbourly.

Even after getting an MBA I still keep my Sibu ways - Foochow convenience is just so good!! Miss it. Laugh at me lol!!

ngoh said...

The banana cucur look yummy!

justin said...

Even though it is a not considered a Good Friday most people don't work on Friday in Brunei.

We Catholics just don't eat meat and if possible we go to church if we can. I remember when I was young my parents made us go together. But now the world is different and sometimes there is no church near here.

sarawakiana said...

Hi Ngoh
The banana fritters are the best I have ever eaten but I was too shy to ask for the recipe!:P

sarawakiana said...


I am so glad that Wesley Church Sibu is ringing its bells again!
I just wish to wake up to bells ringing on Sundays!

Different nations have different policies about places of worship.

bliss said...

My aunts being staunch Catholics did not eat meat for the whole of the holy week. And I realize how significant that has been in the family. My mum had to go over to their house and talked more with my grandma. Then they went to church together. It was a nice outing for grandmother. Religion is definitely an important part of our lives.

chung said...

I would really like to eat all of those nice banana fritters!

Please do share the recipe next time. Esp how to get the crispy skin.

sarawakiana said...

Dear Bliss
Thanks for visiting. When mother and daughters get together for any reason it is a great joy. And that bonding is even stronger when they go to church together "like in the old days". I think they spend good quality time together in that way. This is real family life!

I am sure Easter was a memorable time for your granny.

sarawakiana said...

I will get the recipe for you Chung ....stay tuned...

I won't tell you how many I ate. Fresh from the kuali!


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