Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Wise Dino

A very wise retired First Admiral of the Malaysian Navy (from no less Kampong Sessang in Roban- Sarawak) sent us this picture.

A.Marzuki has sailed the seven seas;lived in Beijing for many years and is a good friend. He took little steps from his kampong and slowly made his way up. His is one of life's greatest stories. He writes better pinyin Chinese than I. (Stay tuned - story coming up)

And for some young people out there here is something from senior citizens....Enjoy!

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Just a Little Kindness said...

aha Food for thots!!!!!

Free Bird said...

I've never thought of it that way... Hmm.. Very very witty lash back.

sarawakiana said...

Just nice reminder that oldies can be witty and smart too. Quite often when I was still working towards the end of my working life I got nasty comments from young aspiring professionals. They practise what we call "ageism". They like to relegate older ones to the side lines without realising that some grey haired seniors can be bright too even if they appear humble. I also realise why mentoring does not often work in Malaysia.

hehehehe this card really made my day.

sarawakiana said...

Free Bird...hehehehe...oldies need not be softies (in the yuppies' dialect....)

Free Bird said...

Mentoring will definitely not work in Malaysia, how often would you see a young teen/child/young adult talking to an oldie stranger?

rarely. I can't remember what this lady told me on the bus. It was something about Social Values. But that was the reason why people nowadays have no respect for the elders.

sarawakiana said...

Free Bird
It really depends on how a mentor approaches a mentee.
It must come from a mentee first according to the ancient tales of the Chinese.
No matter how much a sifu wants to teach a student it will not come to much unless the student wants to learn.


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