Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Tai Chi Moment in Rajang Esplanade!

It was early in the morning in Sibu and my friends and I decided to walk to the Central Market to do some shopping before going back to Miri.

The Esplanade was magnificent in the cool morning breeze and three men were already at the end of their morning Tai Chi exercise. How graceful they looked!!

As we approached a group of ladies who had already finished their Tai Chi I caught sight of a fair complexioned and tall lady exuding charm and dignified grace . She turned around and that sudden moment made me feel that Sibu is just too small....In a town of 250000 people I could meet up with my father's seventh sister! Without appointment. It was a magical and wonderful moment of reunion.

This is what we call "heaven's arrangement". It can perhaps only happen in Sibu when you strongly feel for your relatives and wishing hard to meet up with them. I had already spent 4 nights in Kapit travelling into the ULU. Six degrees of separation?

And this was that photographic moment too...when she turned she recognized the photographer! The eldest daughter of eldest brother. Family ties. Tears in the eyes.

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catherine said...

I think it is very nice of you to feel good about your relatives and hometown.
this is a great window on nice old folks of Sibu.
Upon reflection we must all grow old to be a smiling aunt like your aunt. So gracious indeed.Thanks.

sarawakiana said...

Thanks Catherine for visiting.

We all feel good about our hometown and love to walk down memory lane with as many of our old friends as possible.

Life is in fact very simple and happiness is for us to find. GBU.

Jamey02 said...


Nice post. The benefit of tai chi promotes body-mind connection that leads to deep relaxation. The mood elevation and a feeling of well being while practicing the tai chi counteract the stress. The stress is gradually eliminated through the calm atmosphere and the slow smooth movements as well as the focused concentration. Tai chi is a rejuvenating process that changes stress into a more optimistic outlook.

sarawakiana said...

Thank you for a very nice explanation of Tai Chi. I really appreciate that. My aunt and her friends are a happy lot and when I approached them they were very warm towards another female who have come alone to watch them (with a camera). Their relaxed and happy state is enviable. Tai Chi?


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