Friday, May 01, 2009

Bali Cafe

I haven't toured the Sibu alleys for a long time having very little time each trip back to do the less important but no less interesting things I used to do when I was younger. This trip I managed to walk from the Central Market to the High Street through one small alley by accident as I took a wrong turn towards the Kompia shop.

The alley was fairly quiet without the shouting of the hawkers and the haggling of prices! The morning shopping crowd has always been a happy and loud group to me. Shouts of surprises and screams of recognition of a friend with a "long time no see"! and of course a great brotherly slap on the back! No inhibitions and no reservations! There might even be a few pulling here and there as invitations to a cup of kopi-o at a nearby shop come forth.

But this particular morning I was in for a certainly a delight to discover tucked at the back of one shop which fronts the Channel Road a small back street cafe called Bali Cafe with some inkling of Balinese and Indonesian art.

I did not eat my breakfast here alhtough it would have been very tempting. Some early risers were already reading newspapers and having a good conversation going. Life seemed to be similar to the old days but efforts have been made to make this little place very pleasant and more "cosmospolitan"!!

This I suppose is the frontage with two blue plastic stools displaying some Balinese art decor.

Side of the cafe.

A view from another angle.

As I walked away I wonder what signature dishes they would serve! Perhaps the young people (I presume) would have their specialties to tantazlise their customers be they old or young (first time customers or long term customers).

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Unknown said...

This is some attempt to improve a back alley. Urban redevelopment can only take place with positive and unselfish political will and wisdom plus a strong social willingness.

Band aid and other simple plaster acts do not go far.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Urban redevelopment is always a touchy subject or matter. Some folks would just move on little by little. Nottinghill in London for example became very fashionably chic slowly. Some other places also became exceptionally beautiful without people realising it! It is like building a dream. But other places need political clout and perhaps even a revolution! May be this is what we call LIFE.


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