Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Methodist Children's Home in Miri

There are millions of orphans who need care around the globe. The first children's home in Sarawak was established in 1950 by Rev and Mrs. Pilley. And since then hundreds of children have been helped and educated with some even achieving great social status. Recently the Miri district also saw the establishmenht of a Miri Methodist Children's Home in Pujut. To date there are 12 needy children under the care of Mr and Mrs. Ling Ching Chuoi . Mr. Ling is a former student of Methdodist Sceondary school Sibu and a year my junior.

It is hoped that a new building will be soon consructed to realise the vision and mission of this Children's Home in Miri.

This van is used by Mr and Mrs. Ling to send the children to school and for tuition. On Sundays they go to church together in this van.

Ling Ching Chuoi from Methodist Secondary School

This is one of the two buildings located in Pujut 5 used as home to these 12 needy children.

Children who are taken in will have a wholesome upbringing and growth under a safe and secure environment with well equipped facilities and well trained carers.

It is indeed a great hope that all of them will become useful and God fearing citizens in our society.

The trail set blazed by the Methodists from the time of John Wesley in the UK and Rev and Mrs. Pilley in Sarawak is still strong and hopeful.

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bliss said...

I think there will be lots of needy children around in the future and I am only thinking that it may be very hard for the Methodist Church to select the right ones.

Already I am finding my own neighbourhood too rowdy and some kids are too out of hand. Many mothers have lost themselves in drinkinhg and smoking I notice. Really sad. And hopeless.

catherine said...

I agree with Bliss. In my neighbourhood occassionally police has to settle quarrels.
And many of my neighbours also think along the line to move away anyways when we can buy our own house or may be even get a job somewhere.
the middle range and lower end houses in Miri too close together.
And my main complaint is parents don't care.

sarawakiana said...

Sorry I did not re-track my postings often.
Thanks for visiting. It is important for us to be on the look out for children in our society. Every one needs help one way or another. They only need to ask!

sarawakiana said...

Low cost housing is always very tightly packed. May be our leaders could think of better plans as Sarawak has so much land!!
Social change really depends on the spiritual strength of the people/public.


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