Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ah Chiong BB Officer Getting Married

Since I wrote about their the civil registration of their marriage in Sibu I might as well complete the story today!! Their wedding was at Sing Ang Tong - the first Methodist Church in Sarawak. This church was built in Sungei Merah or Sing Chuo Sang (New Pearl Mountain) in 1903 not long after the first Foochow Settlers arrived under the leadership of Wong Nai Siong.

Sing Ang Tong has been "changed" and renovated more than four times over the years from attap to the present concrete and steel structure.

The Bridal Kiss dates back to the Roman times. The Romans practised the sealing of a contract or agreement with a kiss. The kiss seals the nuptial agreement between Ah Chiong and Ei Ling. In the 60's we also had a song "Sealed with a Kiss".

Since many of you readers are from the Methodist Church Boys' Brigade and Girls' Brigade I have selected another photo for your viewing.

The bridal couple would walk out of the church under an arch of swords which represent protection from the groom's brothers and friends. This is again a very old European ceremony. But Ah Chiong being a BB Officer and Ei Ling will be protected in his marriage by his BB's!! The Boys Brigade really look good.

(By the way when I was very little I used to worship in Sing Ang Tong often accompanying my grandfather and grandmother. The pastor was Rev Ho Siew Liong who spoke Foochow with a very strong Heng Hua accent. I always thought that he looked like Jesus.)

These photos are from Steve Ling a popular reporter and former Methodist School school mate of mine.

Congratulations Ah Chiong and Ei Ling

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Just a Little Kindness said...

A grand day for the Boys Brigade to join in the wedding!
My memories of St. Columba's boys in Miri are a little vague now. I was never one.

我的玩乐地图 said...

Wow, really thank you for the explanation of the arch! That's indeed the meaning behind the ceremony, which we modify from the US army wedding ceremony. During the procession, the boy's solute their officers, and new couple is blessed/protected in the marriage under the arch of sword during recessional. Sometimes it also symbolize the welcoming to the bride joining the family of army (company).

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Yes boys do always remember their time with their uniformed units. I will remember some of my Boys Scout friends who always say "Once a scout always a scout!"
BB and GB are always part of Methodist Church and other Protestant churches. Very good training ground for character building.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Ah Chiong
Thanks writing. I hope you will continue to be with the BBs.

They need officers like you!

God bless always.

bliss said...

This lucky couple has so many blogger friends!!
I think your group of friends are fantastic - always supportive.


I dream of getting this kind of photos for my special day!

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Miri has a lot of professional photographers...but some of the best photos are taken by good friends who own simple cameras.

All the best.


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