Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday at SOHO

In 1988 we sent our third daughter to Sri Mawar which was sited at Jalan Bintang then. Flor was her Headmistress. As parents we felt very comforted and delighted to have a very dedicated person like Flor to manage an English school.

Sri Mawar has an exceptionally good English curriculum with a built in on going reading program for both the child and the parents. I enjoyed helping my daughter read and soon enough she picked up reading very fast and could read almost every word given to her. She soon graduated into Lady Bird series and other children's books to our delight and joy. I am happy that she never lost her love for reading from then on.

In fact Flor and her team of teachers have helped a generation of Mirians to read well. And I am sure many of us mothers in Miri would like to join in and say Happy Birthday and thank you to Florence who has been in Miri for 30 years.

Very single minded and very capable she has always been there to help others
and anyone in need.I like the way she talks warmly and lovingly about each of the children who went through Sri Mawar! She has been charming towards parents who wait for their children. She was always willing to walk the second mile.

Together with her is Lesley Linggod who has also been a great teacher in Sri Mawar. Rosalind Tan another good friend and staff of Sri Mawar is also in the getogether.

Here Flor is celebrating her birthday with some us in SOHO where the service is good and the food fairly good. It was a wee bit hot that evening but we had our good time especially when we had three special visitors who joined us in the celebration. We all wish Flor the best of birthdays and many more to come.

But on the whole when good friends are together all other factors are secondary.

A slice of Tiramisu only for the Birthday Girl - on the house.

A beaming Florence Enau.

I would recommend the seafood spaghetti. The garlic bread can be improved. And I must say some of the drinks need a great deal of improvement. But the waitresses are doing well and are helpful and polite and patient to older ladies like us. On the whole the roadside restaurant is also fairly quiet and diners talk softly too. All these make us want to go there again.

Honour women! They entwine and weave heavenly roses in our earthly life. Frederick von Schiller.

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bliss said...

i was once a student of Sri Mawar too...but did not stay long.

sarawakiana said...

I am sure you had some good time in Sri Mawar. Years ago the students and teachers were very close and happy together.

My daughter enjoyed her kindergarten years and has remain a good reader.

I am also sure that many students of Sri Mawar today have good memories of their school.

Arani Jantok said...

looks like you had some fun.

sarawakiana said...

The food is so so. I had the lamb chops which turned up to be a lot too salty for my taste. The sauce however had the right tang to my liking.
It is always interesting to have good sensible conversation/discussion!!

Bengbeng said...

Honour women! They entwine and weave heavenly roses in our earthly life.-> cheers to that :)

sarawakiana said...

Dear Beng Beng
So glad you dropped by. Yes Amen to that.
Even in the Ten Commandments we were told to Honour Your Father and Mother. Mosaic laws and later laws recognise the honourable places of women. But then later so many other legal systems missed out the legal rights of women.
Today's societies too have not been too fair to women either so many have to "fight".

justin said...

It is nice to see all of you having a good time in Soho.

Yes the food needs some more careful preparation. The lamb chop is a bit bone-y.

And to stay outside is hot actually. Something must be done about it.

pennylane said...

yup, looks like a nice outing... everyone looks happy... should do it more often...

sarawakiana said...

Nice of you to visit. It might be nice to have a dinner there when it rains. Wonder if the temperature would be lowered. May be they should put more plants outside.

Miri is just not expanding outward gently where there is actually and virtually more tropical space. Many outlets are plonked right in the middle of here and there and even in the middle of streets! cars can be parked even right next to dinner tables.

sarawakiana said...

Penny Lane
Nice of you to visit. We did have some good conversation going but with a long table and the noise all around we could only speak lie amongst four...unless we play musical chairs....move or exchange seats after half an hour!! hahahaha. We cannot actuallyraise our voices to get our friends down the table to hear us....

Free Bird said...

Nice to see a bunch of young ladies having a merry time. And yea, looks like you guys had a real blast.

I think Mrs Florence Enau had this special kind of 'aura' that would make people feel warm and close. If only more teachers were like that.I suppose many students would be happy students. Thank you for giving me a chance to be in Sri Mawar(even for a short time) :) I hope i turned out well.

Mrs Linggod always and will always be the life of the party. Haha!

I miss those kindergarten days. C-O-C-O...and the folders that came with little pieces of

I still love reading... Unfortunately, the world today is a demanding world.

sarawakiana said...

Ah Free Bird!!
So nice of you to drop by! Corporate work must be holding up your reading!!
Yes Mrs. Linggod has always been the live wire in any party. She is also a very observant hostess and she does not want any one to feel left out. Good for her!! Good of her too!!
Mrs. Enau is one special lady!
You are great too....


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