Monday, March 16, 2009

Whose Rubbish ?

The last day of school used to be a "clean up" day. We would clean the school inside and out and leave it clean for the holidays.

But instead a sad scenario met my eye on Sunday when I visited the neigbhourhood.

Who should clean up this mess? It is at a bus stop outside a school. It is a public place no doubt. Is a public site the responsibility of NO ONE?

And the public can live with this mess!!????

If this mess grows this area will be the neighbourhood rubbish tip/dump I suppose.

A student who is a sharp shooter must have plonked this bun wrapped in plastic right into the fence to leave it as "fun" mark over the weekend before the school holidays.

This is a part of the bus stop.

This is the back of the bus stop.

This is the front of the bus stop.

Readers from Miri --- who can solve this problem?

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yvonne said...

Thanks for pointing out. Pitiful situation btw. Rubbish is the neighbourhood mess. So we really need to clean up. But here the school authorities really need to do something.

I dream of parents and their children coming to clean up once a month!! May be "I love my school compound is a good campaign."

sarawakiana said...

Today I read in the Chinese papers someone tied a big bag of rubbish on a flag pole!!

I wish a cicak is up there sharing my comments.

thanks for dropping by.

philip said...

I sincerely hope the local authorities and their contractors do more. The public is not too responsible as well. Children can be seen to throw all their unwanted things everywhere. Even broken umbrellas! Just throw anything out... they think some one will pick up their rubber. Or they are happy to live with rubber around them.

sarawakiana said...

Thanks for dropping by. I think road cleaners in Miri are very fine workers. The city roads are very clean and we have to give them the nod for that.
But drains and roadsides outside the city may really really be dirty and full of germs.

Just a Little Kindness said...

I think this is a good issue for all the members of public to highlight from time to time. School children do not seem to bother. You can see them throwing everything on the floor even in nice places like Parkson.

Parents must always bring a bag to keep their children's rubbish.

sarawakiana said...

MCC has promised that the rubbish collection will be done 3 times a week instead of twice.

May be the situation will improve.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Free Bird said...

Would the cicak make the "tsk tsk tsk" sound? That's so foochow. :p

Such a sad thing to see.. I used to be to be involved in gotong-royong in school. Less of this event nowadays?

Rubbish. I still think its teachings at home. It definitely is. Rubbish. And then its in school.

sarawakiana said...

The cicak also speaks Iban - as the Ibans would say "see the cicak says so too..."

Rubbish is a family's concern.

School gotong royong is supposed to help students learn values of cleanliness.

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness." was often a class motto. My form teacher hanged one over our class when I was in Form ONE. Then the school had a cleanliness competition every week. The winner got the plague with these words incribed on it. We took turn to win it. And once the competition was fierce!! I think a lot of people have forgotten that.


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