Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Noodles and Cooling Teas at LCP Miri

After church on Sunday is often a good time for another smaller get together.

James Wong initiated a laksa brunch since most of us probably did not have breakfast and not much time left for cooking a simple lunch. So he chose LCP . Immediately I thought that it could stand for Lord Can Provide.

But no it was Liang Char Po or Cooling Drinks for Nourishment.

It is absolutely clean and pretty. Yes Pretty. and in a very small obscure corner of Miri. It is hard to get to because one has to drive around to the Krokop/Jee Foh Roundabout and then to come out of it one has to drive around the Piasau Mosque. In an emergency one might get lost in the kampong! It is the other end of Ayam Fresh. But just look for the beautiful black square wooden stools. After half an hour you might find them.

This is the frontage.

Neat chicken bowls all lined up for service. But unfortunately at 11 in the morning all the laksa has been wiped out! So we had to settle for Cantonese mee(a version of Kampua) and huat tan ho (Cantonese style kway tiaw) and other fried noodles.

This is a group with Sibu roots! Angeline's grandparents are Heng Hwa from Sibu. Duan's parents served in Sibu. Miss Tiong is from Sungei Bidut!! and of course James and family are all Sibuians! Moses Lau is also there with three other great Church youths who are brothers.

The Cantonese Huat Tan Ho or Kway Tiaw with egg sauce.

Kampua has a flat and softer hand made noodle. This preparation can also be called the Cantonese noodle depending on the stall. It is quite hard to get Foochow kampua in Miri. This preparation can be a replacement. It does not have the lardy sauce.

The "writing on the wall " - their signature cooling drinks which will help us to nourish or repair our system.

This is a beautiful Chinese porcelain at the corner of the wash room.

A small but lovely deco in the ladies' rest room

this Nyonya mirror is so exquisite and for this winning point I will give this corner coffee shop the thumbs up for their decor and hospitality effort.

This is the beautiful service bar. It is clean and pretty. Different and a grade above from other coffee shops.

This black wooden table and chair set is a modern version of the Chinese tea house look. Black is a polish and refine colour.

They have a wooden plaque which says "May Wealth Come In". I love seeing ancient Chinese plaques becuase I can learn my Chinese.
Given the effort made on the decor and ambience and good service more than half the battle has been won.
For the young we need quantity and good taste. For the older generation we need less salt and no Aji no Moto. Probably the latter might ask for more vegetables and less noodles. Wow what a demanding lot!! But the proprietors are very nice and patient. And the girls are indeed very humble happy and helpful.
Who knows if we can spread the word around this will indeed be a place where the Lord Can Provide. It was a good gathering. Thanks James Wong and Rosalind Lee. Exquisite choice!

(Photos from a very old first generation Sony Cybershot)

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James TC Wong said...

Aiyo...why I never noticed all the decor things though patronizing the cafe for so many times? You are a true food blogger, sister!

Two thumbs up!


sarawakiana said...

May be I happen to like looking at things ...hehahahah...thanks for giving me such a nice Sunday treat!!

Bengbeng said...

Your post is long. I see the photograph. The noodle looks like kampua.


Bengbeng said...

So sorry. I didn't realize he had posted a comment. Normally he waits for me to give the go-ahead first. But the comment looks a little bit rude. Sorry

sarawakiana said...

It is alright Benghui. Your comments are fine with me. Several people have told me about the length of my posting.
Thanks for liking my photos.
The real kampua is hard to get in Miri according to a friend who is an expert.
One day I will have a competition on my blog...In search of the real original kampua....what's your opinion from Sibu?

sarawakiana said...

Hi Beng Beng
I must meet up with you and family the next time I visit Sibu.
It is ok.
It shows that he is reading.

Besides I would like you to write about the differences between kolo mee and kampua.

James said this is Cantonese dry mee or just Cantonese mee.

philip said...

The cooling drinks I agree are great there. However the laksa is fairly good .

I agree. Definitely the place is clean. But unfortunately it operates the morning shift only.

Just a Little Kindness said...

T Qs for the intro!

sarawakiana said...

James reserved laksa for us to savour this Sunday !! I have been told by many that it is really nice!!
The shop owner should ask to be put on the Laksa Map of Malaysia!

sarawakiana said...

You are most welcome. Your views and comments are always helpful.
Hope you have time to do your blog!


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