Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Singing Sermon

A candid shot of a beautiful woman who appreciates all the gifts that God has given her. The brightness of grace shines through!! What a great model of a Christian woman she is!! A Proverb 31 Christian Pearl of a sister.

Today I attended what I consider a Singing Sermon or sharing given by a pastor's wife "who loves singing and gives singing lessons". She has the voice of an angel but a strong and electrifying way of speaking to the hearts of an audience. Indeed she just had a major nasal operation less than two months ago. Within days of her operation she was already speaking and singing to huge congregations. That has been a miracle.

Known lovingly only as Mrs. Chan to many of us she is not new to the congregation as she has been with us several times.

This morning after every point she elaborated on she sang a beautiful song. I call her sharing a Singing Sermon.

It was a wonderful way to touch the hearts of all the congregation. Through her testimony every one listened with tears in their eyes. We were thoroughly MOVED. And at the end of the sermon even the Pastor could not speak for a few long minutes on the pulpit!

Such a sermon should have also touched the hearts of young people who might have found it difficult to listen or who did not have much listening skills. It is a pity that I often come across many young people who cannot listen well : they talk to each while the teacher or speaker is speaking. They let their two ears go wasted. May be one day God will show them a burning bush! But God is patient.

I also bought her CD "On Eagle's Wings" which has 15 sound tracks. They include A Name I Highly Treasure;My Saviour's Love and Remind me Dear Lord.

She reminds us that there are riches for us ! In times of economic downturn her sharing definitely gives me hope.

By having faith in God miracles will happen to us in so many different ways and at so many different periods of our lives.

We must all honour God and give Him Glory for by doing so we will gain riches beyond our dreams. If we don't we might for example even lose our voice! We might lose something very important!

So remember God at all times.

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